New Entry-Hello!!

Dear all,

Just a quick message to say Hello to everyone.

I have just being diagnosed with MS (on the 23rd of April), and still trying to overcome the general feeling of fear of uncertainty and the future and guilty toward my family. I guess these feelings are not unusual given the circumstances, so I putting any negative thoughts on side and trying to stay positive.

I wish all of you a Good Weekend


Hello Maria Im waiting for dx but welcome on borrad ~:)

Hello and welcome Maria :slight_smile:

It’s a scary time around diagnosis, but it gets better as life goes on and we gradually realise that it’s not the end of the world; we can manage, and still have a good time :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, please don’t feel guilty - you did absolutely NOTHING wrong.

In case no one’s told you yet, you need to tell the DVLA about your diagnosis (they normally put us on a three year renewable-for-free licence) and it’s worth checking through all your paperwork for anything that might have a critical health clause - MS is a payable condition. Let your car insurance people know about whatever the DVLA decide; they need it for their records, but it won’t affect your premium.

Karen x

Hi Moira. Welcome to the forum!

All your emotions are completely normal when getting a diagnosis like MS.

It is a different life to the one you may have planned, but even so, it can still be a good life.

You`ll find news ways to do things and always accept help when it is offered.

We are here to support and offer advice and friendship whenever you need it. it is fine for you to have a rant as well.

luv Pollx

Hi Moira,


I was diagnosed this week and have also been engulfed with emotion. I think its really going to take me a while to work through those feelings but I am beginning to rationalise things a bit. I do have the benefit of an employer supported counselling scheme I have access to so hoping some counselling with help me get to a point of accepting where I am. May be worth looking for some support yourself.

Im someone who thought they had all their ducks in a row and had life planned out so I feel like someone has knocked that ‘secure’ house down from around me and Im having to start to rebuild a picture of what my life is going to look like.

Anyway, I guess my point is I suspect we are both going through a very similar process having to learn to deal with a diagnosis so you arent alone if you need to talk/vent some steam.