Recently Diagnosed

Hi all

I was diagnosed this year after been ill since summer last year. I have just got round to joining this site after been told my docter it will be good to talk to others about MS.

It is still sinking in that I have MS but I am coming to terms with it slowy. I have got an MS nusre who is there for me to talk to about things but I am hoping talking to you guys will also help as you all know what it’s like to live with.

Will look forward to talking to you all. x


This place is a great source of info, support and friendship, so welcome aboard

Karen x

Hello and welcome

This is the place to be to get the best support/advice.

It takes a while to come to terms with a diagnosis so be kind to yourself . One step at a time.

Best wishes


We are all here to support each other sweet.

Dont ever feel alone :slight_smile:


We are all here to support each other sweet.

Dont ever feel alone :slight_smile:


with me its everywhere at mo numbness stiffness pins and needles i did have 2 weeks where i could hardly walk but stiffness has eased off, only slightly stiff in hands and leg and headaches and pressure pain once or twice a day now not 100% sure whats going on yet got nero appointment on mon.

Its good to talk to people on here as when my gp said ms was a possiblility after a scan in feb i didnt really know much about it i thought it was parkisons intill looking on this site.

Ive been up down since june as i had another episode and have been on/off bad, end of july got really bad and have been off work since and this week have been out twice on my own only to shop and dentist after being unable for a month i am shattered now but feel im getting better.

best wishes

mel : )

welcome to the forum. The people on here are wonderful - so I’m sure you’ll get the support you need.