Recent diagnosis

My first time on a forum,ever.I was diagnosed in October,and feeling overwhelmed.

hi jane

sorry to have to welcome you to the mad world of ms but welcome anyway.

it is very early days for you.

have you been offered a DMD?

have you been allocated an ms nurse?

if not, these should be the next steps.

these are my top tips for you -

avoid stress (i culled my social circle and no longer see the people who made me feel stressed).

do as much as you can stay happy (i love looking at the sky and trees so try to spend some time on this).

right now you probably want to curl up in a ball. that’s ok.

but life is still out there and you shouldn’t want to miss it.

have you got a good support network? friends, family?

good luck, believe in yourself because you CAN do this.

carole xx

Hi Carole,

Lovely to hear your positive comments.

I have an appointment with my MS nurse and GP next week.

This is my third episode,which has now determined the diagnosis.

I have told my immediate family and a couple of close friends.I’m trying to process this myself for now,

which is why I find this forum so helpful.

Thank you

Jane xx

Hi Jane, Would you mind sharing your journey to diagnoses? I haven’t been diagnosed but currently looks like I’m heading in that direction. Thanks Yasmin

hi again jane

you are in an awful state right now, having waited for a a diagnosis and still feeling lost.

things will get better. believe me, the only reason i’m struggling right now is that i’ve been to the pub and had too much to drink.

ah well needs must.

you will be ok.

believe in yourself

you have us lot here who really understand what you are going through.

carole x

Hi Yasmin,

My journey began in January 2012,at an apparently late age of 48.I experience numbness in my

left side and a stroke was suspected.I saw a Neuro in March that year and an MRI followed shortly.

Although I had lesions and at that time struggling to walk and I stopped driving as this was my first attack

a diagnosis wasn’t"t given.By September 2012 my mobility and fatigue recovered and I returned to work.Although mobile the numbness never went away.In a nutshell the past three years have been calm until now.Returned to my Neuro,who following a lumbar puncture confirmed ppm.Im currently experiencing lots of numbness and once again finding it difficult to walk.

During my first attack I joined a Neuro support group which was very therapeutic and I did learn how MS effects people in so many different ways and how difficult it is to diagnose.

How are you doing at the moment Yasmin?

Warm wishes,


Thanks Carole xx

Hi Jane,

Thanks for letting me know your journey, it’s been going on some years for you and I can’t image how hard it must have been being in limbo land so long.

My first symptom was June this year, Optic Neuritis. A MRI has shown 3 legions. I’ve recently had numbness in my legs and hands at night and also experience horrendous stomach spasms several weeks ago.

I’m waiting for a second MRI to see if there are any new legions. I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions but I am feeling okay about everything at the moment. I’m 27 years old, I’ve just got married and started a new job. Deep down, I still think stress may have caused the Optic Neuritis as I’ve never had any cause to think otherwise.

Hopefully now that you know you can get the support and medication in place to help you.