Thank you :)

Hey everyone. I really need to say thank you to all. I have been in a lost place this last few month with so many questions. The questions I didn’t ask I saw them answered on another person’s post. GENUINELY from the bottom of my heart this forum has been a huge help. You all struggle yet have so much time and advice for others. It’s admiral. I wish I could do the same for others but I’m soooo rubbish with advice. Many times I have wanted to join in on something but I figure I don’t know enough to contribute and I don’t want to say something wrong. . Anyway I think my story here has ended :slight_smile: but for everyone . . Stay strong and stay amazing!! Whatever your story you deserve compassion and understanding. This is the place where that will be found :slight_smile: take care and look after yourselves <3


Saltypie .

Your more than welcome for any answers you have gleamed from this page , thats what its all about . Most of us have ms some are more severe than others but you get to become one big family .

Please dont think just because you dont have ms you cant be apart of this hugh and fantastic family , everyone is welcome and is treated the same .

So please stay , drop in say hi , and take part in any debate that is going on , you might have the answer to the problem .

Love and Best Wishes Iain xx

Hi Saltypie,

Ian’s right. You’re one of the family now.

And you never know, one day you’ll read about someone who you can help.

And if you don’t have any advice then just say “Hi” so they don’t feel so alone.

Everyone likes a “Hi”.


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Hey, I just read that you already did!

You never know.

Hi all I am what I think am of the verge of diagnosis. Mri just came back with can’t remember the name but with something on spine and brain. Only thing not had is lumbar puncture. I have had three boughts of optica vision is not joint pain in any joint is bearable but some days for maybe 2 or 3 days is awful then poof and gone.this is on going.any help would be fantastic as husband is not getting it because he can’t see it x

Michellemonty .

You may want to start a new thread ref your subject , as it will get lost in amongst the replies in this one .

Best Wishes Iain .

Hi thank Where would u suggest I post please as having trouble getting around this site

Look on the page where all the posts are listed, above the numbers is a button marked New Thread. Hit that, give your posting a title then write what you want to say, or need advice on. Anyone who can help will then reply to your original post.