I had an mri scan that was abnormal showing lesions on my brain and spine,neuro was 90 percent sure it was ms but wanted a lumber puncture done and a visual evoked potential test.I spoke to the neuro today who said the lumber puncture confirms his diagnosis of ms,the potential test was borderline so he’s discounting that? Apparently the mri results,lp results and symptoms are enough for diagnosis and he is now refering me to a ms specialist neurologist to talk about where we go from here.I feel a bit scared,sad,yet relieved I know what it is as mad as that sounds.Just thought I’d post as I have in the past few weeks and everyone has been lovely so wanted to keep everyone updated and say thanks for advise etc,I will no doubt be on here lots for advise and support and to give any help I can to other people on here :slight_smile:

It’s good you finally know. Not good it’s ms but my thinking at the minute is ‘things could be worse’. I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and still haven’t really got my head round it. I see the ms specialist in a few weeks so will take it from there. It’s good to hear from/chat to others at same stage in process. How long were you having symptoms before your diagnosis? X

Glad you’ve finally got some answers. I feel exactly the same about relief. It will suck to get that confirmation it’s MS but a relief to know I’m not crazy! X

I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Its a time of mixed emotions. It can take a while to come to terms with things so take it one step at a time. My diagnosis was 8yrs ago now and you are all doing really well as i was too scared to come on this site to read all about ms. I stuck my head in the sand and hoped it would all go away. It took me a while but when i did eventually come here i have found the support invaluable. There is always someone to help so don’t be scared to ask ‘us oldies’ on here if you have any questions. Best wishes. Teresa.x

Thankyou all for your replies it makes things that bit easier having support from people who understand :slight_smile: My hubby seems to have taken all this harder than me! It is’nt the best news to hear BUT it’s not terminal and its manageable and I’m trying to keep as positive as I can.Thankyou again :slight_smile: