MS ?

Hello everybody im new to this group, for the last 2 years i have been poked and prodded for a diagnosis for MS, i recieved my last results back today and still no concrete diagnosis, i have all the symptons for MS, my GP and Neuroligist say its MS, but brain MRI doesnt consist of MS inflammation is in the wrong Place, Lumber Punctures cam back Normal, so did all the Blood Results, Spinal MRI shows severe inflammation on spine which has not changed since the last MRI i had done 2 Years ago. has anybody else had these problems because im slowly going crazy and havent got a clue what to do now, i have my next appointment in March which my neuroligist so another 1 month away, any clues, help or advice would be appreciated.

sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes

hi james

first of all, no need to apologise for your spelling and grammar.

i find myself reading what i’ve written very carefully because in spite of being an excellent speller all my life, i now make stupid mistakes and can’t spell my own name half the time.

the only thing i will suggest in preparation for your appointment is to write down a list of all your symptoms in chronological order.

this is not for you to give to your neurologist but to prompt you when it comes to the talking bit.

it must be hell for all you people in limbo.

i was lucky enough to be actually in the middle of a big relapse when i had my MRI.

it showed old and new lesions so i got my diagnosis.

march sounds a long way off but in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t.

go easy on yourself.

carole x

try very hard not to get stressed because that only makes everything worse.

Problem is my neurologist knows all my symptoms, problem is my brain MRI and Lumber Puncture dont add up apparently, my symptoms and Spinal MRI consist of MS, but because the brain MRI and LP dont, its obviously put a wall in front of my diagnosis, 2 years ive suffered with these problems and still none the wiser and obviously not getting the correct treatment, the stress of it all is getting a bit too much now