Really Confused Now

I had an MRI in May after a visit to an ENT it came back saying I had a few hyper dense lesions in the peri ventricular white matter, appear periventricular to and touching the ventricular system and a smaller high density area right temporal lobe, which were atypical of small vessel disease therefore MS had to be excluded. I saw the neurologist in October who said after a very through examination she thought it was possible relapse remitting multiple sclerosis. She ordered a full spine MRI and lumber puncture. I had the MRI and she also asked for a neuro radiologist to look at the results as well as the results of the MRI in May. His report came back saying he doesn’t think it is MS and that the frontal lesions are non specific, and that the changes seen at the right temporal pole are of uncertain origin, and that the spinal MRI showed no new lesions. It seemed to me he wasn’t sure what anything was but he is the expert after all.

I’m not sure what to do now. Is it possible to have a negative spinal MRI and uncertain lesions on a brain MRI yet it still be MS? Thing is if the neuro radiologist is saying it’s not MS then he must be right but what can it be. Not even sure if I should have the lumber puncture now. Sorry it’s such a long post but I don’t know what to do and don’t get to see the neurologist until April

The first radiologist thought it was MS as did the neurologist. Yet the other guy that looked at the results who is the be all end all expert is saying No. When the neurologist first said MS I was mortified then when I got my head round it felt relieved that finally there was a name for how I felt. Now I feel I’m back at the beginning not knowing

hi elizabeth sorry but MRI speak may as well be japanese for all the sense i can make of it. it must be very annoying and frustrating to be stuck in limbo when you had been led to believe that you had answers. if you have NOT got ms, give a cry of joy! you’ll be able to ask all your questions in april. have a good new year!!

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I agree with Carole - MRI speak = Japanese.

How utterly confusing, frustrating, bloody annoying.

In your situation, it can’t do any harm to have the LP. After all, 2 out of 3 cats have said it’s MS, better to have the LP, if that’s negative, then you’ll be 100% certain it’s not MS.

And if it’s not MS, then presumably the neurologist was wrong in his physical examination!! But then you’ll still have to find out what has caused the problem(s) that sent you to the neurologist in the first place.


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