Could I have MS?

Hi everybody I’ve been trawling through these forums and have finally got the courage to speak up. I’m 33 no children and have been feeling so bad for so long. I’ve had terrible trouble with my bowels which I ended up pushing for An MRI which showed that my pelvic floor muscles are really badly damaged. I’ve been undergoing Physio and seeing a pelvic nurse specialist since jan but between the two nothing is improving and they can’t tell me why. About 3 months ago I starting getting bad pins and needles in my left hand and my fingers were curling in. I went to see an arm specialist who examines me then he got another consultant fur a second opinion. They both then told me that the muscles in my left hand and up to my elbow are wasting away. He sent me for nerve tests incase it was a trapped nerve but it isn’t so now there thinking some kind of muscle wasting disease. I’m seeing a neurologist on Monday next week. I’m in termoil at the min as I have other symptoms such as my left foot keeps going dead, terrible spasms up my rectum, feeling unsteady on my feet, bad anxiety attacks, sweating to the point that I can’t cool down and I’m so tired all the time. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect on Monday and what tests I’m likely to be getting. Any help would be much appreciated as I feel so lost at the minute. Thanks x

Hi Ginnie, sorry you going through such an awful time. I guess each neuro is different but going by my own experience my first neuro appointment was a chat about my symptoms, a physical exam, checking reflexes, co-ordination and eye movements. As I already had a brain scan (was referred by my surgeon because he was concerned about the MRI results) the neuro looked through the MRI results and made his comments. he then ordered some blood tests and an EMG test for my numb/leg dropped foot. So the first appointment may just be finding out a bit more about your symptoms etc. Good luck with everything, I hope you get some helpful info from your neuro xxx

Hi, sorry to hear of your problems and the scary time you are going through. I have recently been examined by 3 neurologists as I was in hospital and they all checked my reflexes, eyes, strength, whether I could feel hot/cold etc. Like bunnythecat said I would imagine it will be mainly about understanding your symptoms, so if you are likely to be nervous or forget anything, perhaps you could take a list of your symptoms in worse order with you. Then s/he can decide what further tests you will need, which s/he should explain to you. Good luck!

Thanks for your replies. I’ve wrote a list of symptoms down already because I know I’ll lose my thoughts once in there. I’ve had an EMG / muscle test on my arms incase it was a trapped nerve but my referring consultant wants a whole body EMG done now. It was strange because I could feel the shocks really strong in my right arm but not at all in my left. I’m just fed up now and want some answers. Not nice being in limbo hey. Thanks again. Take care xxx