Well after doing what we shouldn’t a did some googling I have ended here. My story so far Started back in august with a very painful Right arm/ hand like toothache in my arm, I thought ooo I have trapped a nerve, took some paracetamol and hoped it would settle, well it didn’t it spread to my other arm, and my fingers and thumb were numb, went to see my gp who said sounds like it might be your neck sent me to physio, 3 weeks of physio twice a week and arms and hands getting worse physio sends me back to gp who decides to do some nuero checks, and rings a neurologist who says sounds like a slipped disc, so I am sent for an MRI on my neck, report goes to gp, no nerve impingment showing, no disc herniation. Pain is really not manageable so start on gabapentin and gp refers me to neurologist, then I start with numb toes, tingling toes and burning sensitive pain in my Left ankle, along with transient patches of the burning kind of pain in my legs. Saw the neurologist on the 2nd dec who did some tests, reflexes- brisk, pin test toes numb, parts of my hands numb ( he didn’t check anywhere else) he also did a vibration test and I couldn’t feel that at all on my feet. Tested my strength in my arms, weaker on left. Asked me about night sweats which I have had although hand not really linked in. He commented that I was in the age bracket for ms, that there was definitely something neurological going on but not to worry. He requested an MRI for head and cervical spine, nerve conduction testing and a stack of blood tests. So my nerve testing is on Friday and my MRI is on man 5th, he however said he would see me in about 3 months after all the results are through, unless something came up that needed treating more quickly. I have no idea if this is ms or what but it’s not good as I am trying to work cut down on Gp orders to only 2half days in work. I am on my max dose of gabapentin now and it’s pretty good but some days are better than others. Some days I get home from work and just collapse on the sofa shattered. The not knowing what it us or how long it will last is difficult especially when people ask at work, I look fine it’s not like I walk round at work holding my arms groaning. I have noticed my short term memory is not as good, my hubby commented on my being more ditsy than usual, and my balance is definitely off, just notice it when turning round, trying to stand on one leg to do shoes or socks that kind of thing, which wasn’t ever an issue. Gosh sorry for the huge essay just needed to get it down really.

Hi Billie and welcome What a lot you have been through! Sounds like your neurologist is on the ball, which can sometimes be half the battle. Hopefully all the tests you are having done will lead to some answers and more importantly some treatment for you. At least you have not got too long left to wait. Best of luck Lx