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Hi, im new to posting on here but I have been reading this forum for about two months now. My symptoms started at the end of January with numbness everywhere below the waist then stretched and painful feet. My doctor sent me straight to the A&E at the hospital to see a spinal reg, (didn’t know if it was a trapped nerve) who said I needed an MRI. Three weeks later I had my MRI and my doctor sent me to see a neuro, who I met on Tuesday.
I must say that after reading all about past experiences with neuros on this forum, I was kind of nervous lol. But he turned out to be one of the good guys who is a specialist in MS, thank god.
He explained everything to me and told me I had two lesions on my brain and one in my spine. His quote was that I had probable MS, he wants to do a LP and another MRI with contrast, and I had More blood taken at the hospital (I have had loads taken at the doctors) to check for infections.
After checking my reflexes he found I didn’t have much in my left leg and foot, I don’t know if this will improve with time or what.
I have got some cinnarizine for my dizziness but apart from that it’s a waiting game for me. Has anyone else here taken cinnarizine and how did you get on with it.
I just wanted to add my story on here and thank you for all the posts I have read and the advice I have taken from here. (My neuro was impressed with all my written copies of everything lol)

Thanks for reading. Indi x

Hi Indi

I have no diagnosis yet but MS is one of the few options I have left.

Thank you for sharing your story, reading your journey certianly gives me hope and makes me feel like there are some good doctors out there even though mines not ones of them.

As some of the others might confirm weak or absent reflexes is not uncommon in MS (though I'm sure other things cause this too). Do they improve - thats a good question - I'm not sure, one of the other girls who has MS maybe more helpful giving you info about this.

Best of luck in the rest of your journey. It really does sound like your neuro has got a good handle on things. :-)



Hi and welcome to the boards.

i`ve been using this site for about 3 yrs now.

Ihave had 5 changes of diagnosis and feel let down by neuros.

i know it can be difficult to dx PPMS, but everyone says I do have close similarities with the condition.

I am going to ask to see a top guy in leeds.

the neuros at my local hospital are running rings around me!

Hope you fare much better. It sounds like you will.

Good luck with wherever your condition takes you.

luv Pollx

Hi Indi, and welcome happy2 And well done for jumping in and posting!

Sounds like you've landed one of the good guys there happy2

Reflexes can certainly change with relapsing remitting MS - as damage is repaired, they get more normal again. For example, early on in the relapse that ended up in my diagnosis, my GP did my knee reflexes and my right leg shot up so high that I nearly kicked him (lol!), but they are normal now.

Sorry, I've never had cinnarizine so can't give you any info on that. I hope it works for you!

Karen x


Thank you both for your support. I hope you both have better luck with your neuros if the future.

Thank you karen, he does seem a good one, i was in with him for 40 mins and my app was on time too. i was very shocked lol. i will see him in his own clinic next time so i hope he is just as nice on his own ground.