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Hi, I’m new to this and am unsure if I should even post. For eighteen months I’ve suffered from various symptoms, pins and needles in my left arm and left side of my face, noticably weaker muscles, dizziness and balance issues I had an mri which showed two lesions but a second mri several months later showed no change and a lumbar puncture was negative. For the past year I’ve had more blood tests than you can think and all were normal. The neurologist has signed me off but said to come back if anything else happens, he has basically made me feel like I’m imagining everything. Ever since the lumbar puncture my balance has been completely off and my dizzy spells have been far more frequent than ever before. What I don’t want to do is go back and be treated like a hypochondriac. Having looked through other posts I see that there are many in the same boat, and I guess I’m just looking for some support as when you don’t have a diagnosis it’s very hard to explain to the other people in your life that you are not quite right and that some days it’s just a huge effort to do anything at all. Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received. Marie.

Hello Marie. You were right to come here and seek support.

This forum is full of friendly folk who do their best to offer advice, listen when someone needs a rant or whatever.

I often read about neuros discharging people who have no clue as to why they dont feel right. I can never unerstand it, particulalry when lesions have been seen.

I think the best thing is for you to go to see your GP and expain what happened and how you still feel quite ill. I hope he/she is attentive and tries to help you.

luv Polx

Thanks Pol, It helps just knowing that I’m not alone. I guess I just need to gather the energy to face more medics and possibly be more forceful than I have beenx

The problem is MS is really hard to diagnose and from what I’ve seen even if they think it is probably MS they won’t tell you until they are completely sure. They found lesions in my brain and spine but couldn’t give me a definite answer until I had some clinical symptoms. All my blood tests were normal. I was told to wait and see if anything happened but said it may be years or never. “Luckily?” I had a relapse a month later so they could see the MS in action, the lumbar puncture was positive and I got more lesions. It was only then they could tell me it was definitely MS. In a strange way I was waiting for something bad to happen to get me out of limbo. The whole thing is a waiting game even after diagnosis.