confused and worried :(


This is my first post but I feel the need to open up somewhere and this seems like a good place. I dont know if I have ms but since my gp asked me if there was any history of it in my family when doing my neuro referral I have been doing some research and it seems like a strong posssibility amongst other things.

I am a 27 year old male with 5 kids (all girls, lol). Over the last year I have been getting some chronic symptoms and so far everything (bloods, ct scan, ultrasound, cytoscopy, chest x-ray, prostate checked, lumbar/sacral mri) has come back clear bar a prolapsed disc which is causing no nerve compression. The symptoms I experience are so random and come and go at any given time I can spend a few days feeling ok and then weeks with pains or weakness or muscle stiffness, involuntary movements, slight incontinence, tingling feelings, trouble concentrating, problems with fine motor skills, fatigue is very bad aswell when it comes. I have barely walked normal over this last year sometimes both my legs are affected other times its just one but either way I walk really odd and sometimes i hear people laughing and joking about it when they are walking behind me (I’m sure I am not the only person that has had to put up with rude people tacking the mick but it still hurts). At the moment both my arms feel weak and the left has a little nerve type pain and the right feels slightly numb, the bottom of my heels sting aswell its like I am walking/standing on the bone with no skin attached and my right ankle feels weak, but come tomorrow or even later today this could change as my body is completely unpredictable at the moment. I have a neuro appointment coming up soon and really hope I get some answers, I have already come to terms with the fact that there could be something wrong with me long term and it might be a case of having to manage it rather than fix it.

I have been hiding alot of this from the people closest to me by just saying Im ok when really Im not and when I have tried to open up to my partner she has’nt understood how hard all this makes my life (she has admitted that she ignores it because she doesnt know how to deal with it, which does not help me psycologically).

I was wondering if any one has this thing where a symptom can come and go within minutes or hours or stay for weeks and any advice on how to explain all this to my neuro at the appointment.

I am currently taking Amytripyline 20mg per night to help with the pains but it does not even take the edge off, should I consider asking the doc to up the doseage?

sorry if this is all a bit long winded but i am just looking for some support and advice from people on a more common ground as it is so hard to make people understand that I feel in a state most of the time and even writing this has exhausted me physically and mentally ( I have had to go back over it a few times to fill in the missing letters which would not have happened a year or so ago)

thanks in advance for any comments

HI ive not been diagnosed yet but i have very simular problems to the the ones you discribe, people can be crewl about how other people look and walk etc, you need to try and forget it, my friends and my boss just dont understand what peolple like us, who have no deffinant diagnos are going through, like you my symtoms come and go, its a case of managing them when they do, get your GP to prescribe Gabapentin for the nerve pain. Hope this helps .

Hello and welcome to the forum

Can I suggest that you make an appointment to see your gp and get some appropriate pain control. Like Mac as mentioned, Gabapentin would be a good one for nerve pain.

Have you got an apointment yet to see neuro? if you’ve been waiting a while, get your gp to contact them.

Regarding people laughing, when walking behind you. It is hurtful…your only young. I personally have never noticed anything like that. Although, I’m 57 and to be honest, I couldn’t give a fig anyway. People like that have to be pitied…pretty stupid really.

You and your partner will have to talk about it. You need her support, plus there are five children to care for…you must communicate. Perhaps some sort of joint counselling may help you both…go and see the gp together maybe??

Good luck to you and all the best