seen neurologist

Hi guys sorry not been around been feeling so poorly managed to get to my appointment with the neurologist.He did my history and had a good chat did some tests checking my reflexex right side normal left side abnormal he is booking me in for mri on brain lumbar and cervical.He has changed my medication put me on Gabapentin which is not agreeing with me but will keep going early days.He cant rule out ms at the moment but did say because of my age 56 and the amount of pain im in he thinks probably not ms more like pnp neuropathic pain.Made me feel little better hearing that but feel poorly so just waiting for mri now said 46 weeks wishing you all the best x-

4-6 weeks sorry

Glad you have had your appointment Sparky and I hope you will soon be feeling better and the gabapentin starts to work. Here is hoping you don’t have too long a wait for your tests, best wishes Sue

Thanks sue how are you doing x

Not so bad I saw a neurologist a few weeks ago but it was awful he was so abrupt and had made his mind up before he even saw me all he had to go on was my GP letter. His examination was questiolable as he claimed my reflexes were normal they weren’t they were brisk and the plantar ones absent even with him sticking needles into the soles of my feet. He said I have functional neurological disorder that to look on the website and see how my symptoms are the same they are not. I am not to bother my GP if I have any of these symptoms as far as he is concerned they are due to this. He even tried to say that the Crohns I have had for over 50 years was caused by this and the epiretinal membrane I need eye surgery was caused by it. He said people get this condition because they are getting something out of it either money or other. I was made to feel as if I was a time waster and a fraud and that I couldn’t go to see GP without every thing being put down to this. His attitude was I was a waste of his valuable time, exercise would be useless, physcology might work only if I BELIEVED it would and then in only 13% of people and he had one physcologist who’s list was 180 patients and was closed he ranted that neruology unit doesn’t get as much funding as cancer care.All this took him less than 10 minutes to come up with he even had the website loaded n his computer before we went in to see him. To put it mildly he had made a diagnosis and no one was to question it.

I plucked up the courage to see GP this week and he was horrified with what I went through and is going to refer me to another centre but I am feeling I have no faith in the medical profession at all and I am astounded at the uncaring callous doctors I have met in recent years. So i am now back in Limboland, I just want a diagnosis that is correct and not one someone tries to shoehorn me into by fiddling their findings. I am finding my fight is not as strong as it used to be and it is a struggle to keep my temper in check they really do not want to see me loose it they would see a whole new side of me which isn’t very nice.

So the journey continues as does everyones take care and good luck with your results Sue

Terrible treatment . One neuro told me functional and another have me an mri ! I think some neuros scoff at functional neurological disorders .You were right to ask your gp. Hope you get answers soon ! Take care

Hi Sparky

Great you had the app and hope the mri comes through soon and the Meds help ! X

Oh! Sue im utterly speechless how uncaring and disgraful i feel for you greatly.But hold youre head up high and keep going you know your body.Guess i was lucky and had a nice neuro and also i had my lovely daughter with me who backed me up when my memory failed me.All the best Sue i so hope you get to see a different neuro soon.xxThankyou highandlow hope you are okay xx

Hi sparky

I too was told I need another mri of neck heard and spine more waiting about I was there Monday too and told it could be 10-12 weeks wait again!! I was very upset when I left but luckily the scan appointment came thru for the 23rd just hoping the Neuro appointment after is as quick

Gotta hate this waiting game but I suppose this is how it has to be :confused:

Yes annalisia patience is a virtue as they say