Been to the neurologist

Hi everyone. So I’ve been to the neurologist this evening. Bit of an odd appointment, he said he is worried about epilepsy (which I’m not sure I agree with) but he said all the other symptoms I have dont add up to that! He is sending me for testing for epilepsy, and MRI & MRA and then seeing me again in 8 weeks. He mentioned that depending on the results of my tests he may need to refer me to another neurologist. I do know that MS isn’t his speciality though. He was one of those doctors that gave nothing away. Not even a clue as to what he was thinking. One thing that I did discover during the appointment is I have very altered sensation in both of my hands. I couldn’t feel the pin prick as sharp at all until my wrists. I knew that I get numbness and tingling, but didnt realise it was quite that bad! So I’m stuck waiting again :frowning: I’m off work too as the jumping vision makes working at a computer all day a horrible experience. I guess I had better get used to statutory sick pay! Joys

I’m new to this and just reading different comments and noticed you didn’t get a reply to this post and just wanted to take a minute to say that I hope your getting to the bottom of things and staying strong. Cheryl

Poor old Sheep ended up admitted to hospital. See thread

Hoping you’re OK Sheep.


Hi sue, I’m still awaiting a bed :frowning: so still at home none the wiser for the moment I did have an MRI and MRA on Saturday thought, so 1 test out of the way I guess!

Hope you get a bed and are feeling better and back home soon she’s!

And thanks sue

Aw Sheep, they get you all wound up and scared. Then don’t follow through with actually doing what they’ve frightened you with.

But as you say, you’ve had a couple of the necessary tests, so are a step closer to an answer as to what’s ailing you. We’re still in your corner, still rooting for you!!

Keep us informed.