Saw neurologist yesterday for first time since referral

Hi so after a 4 months wait. I’ve finally seen the neurologist for initial appointment. He brought up that sometimes MS presents with my symptoms (which is what I had gathered from my research). Obviously they are also looking at spinal cord compression & other potential inflammatory causes. I’m having a full spine & head MRI, blood tests and Evoked Potential test in the next couple of months. I’m of course quite anxious now as part of me thought I was being a worry wort even considering MS. I’m sure others on here are going through similar anxieties. It’s hard having to sit and wait some more.

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Hi sadly its a case of sit and wait, and wait. MS is actually one of the hardest things to diagnose people with as has way too many variables, and too many other illesses that are the same presentation.

IF it is MS it will show itself. All you can do now is just go through testing you are having all the main ones and wait and see what comes out of it. Just testing and results can take you to 2023. oopsadaisy is right when dealing with MS.

be prepared for both possibilities. xxx took me from 2000 to 2016 to get diagnosed.

Ah thanks. I’ve got my EVP & MRI coming up in the next 10 days. So quick. Always disconcerting when things happen that fast in the NhS

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