First timer 2021

Hi all, thank you for allowing me to join.
I am currently awaiting my MRI brain and spine results to see if I do actually have MS. I have had symptoms for many years but no diagnosis despite three previous MRI’s. However, my neurologist ordered the scans this time after testing reflexes and noting muscle weakness. In a way I am hoping to get a diagnosis so that at least I can say why I feel the way I do! I know that sounds negative and I’m sorry, but it would give me answers after all these years.
If I don’t get a diagnosis, I really don’t know what I will do next.
Thank you for reading

If you don’t get a diagnosis, just keep on trying! Sometimes MRI’s are negative for years…until suddenly they’re not. And if it’s not really MS, then it’s something else, because you know that something’s wrong, and there’s no one who knows your body better than you.

I understand perfectly the relief at finally getting a diagnosis. The waiting game is very hard.

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Thank you, I have been trying to have these symptoms diagnosed for over 20 years. Unfortunately my GP is so fed up with me going back with the same symptoms year after year, and a couple of new symptoms that she can’t wait to get me out the door. It’s very hard and I understand her frustration at me, as I get frustrated from it as well. But I hadn’t seen this neurologist before for my epilepsy review, and he asked why I was in a wheelchair and explained the problems I was having. He tested all my reflexes and he clearly wasn’t happy at whatever it was that he was testing for. Maybe he will be my hero who will actually listen to me and look into things more. He’s given me fresh hope that someone is doing their best to find out why this is happening xx

I hope that this neurologist works out for you. in the meantime, find a new GP. Easier said than done, i know, but I went through several GP’s and then several neuros before I found ones to help me.