stuck in limbo, just want an answer...

hello everyone,

Ive already introduced myself to Karen who has been great. I thought id say hello on here to you all as I’ve found your threads a real support. It feels so difficult to get across to others how I’m feeling, so its nice to have you all.

I’m currently awaiting a further MRI and 1st LP. while expierencing weakness and numbness in my arms and hands, and tingling in my legs in january januaryand also peeing on my hands as i couldnt feel when id finished (wet myself only once), i also had some blurring in one eye so trooped down tothe optitions. After a colour blind test showed abnormality in only one eye she presented me with a letter for my GP and off i went, But me being well nosey and trained BMS i read the “could be a neurological abnormality” comment. My dr reffered me quickly and within 2 weeks id seen a neuro. He was reassuring but did an MRI to rule out MS. this was in march and over the past 3 weeks (my arms have improved) ive been experiencing spacticity, tingling, numbness in my legs along with drop foot so bad im, as my husband says a very slow version of the terminator, ive fallen over a step twice completely flat on my face (embarrassing at my age), Vertigo and fatigue is awful to, the past few days have been so bad im feeling drunk and sick. Ive also had horrible burning in my neck so bad my head feels too big and ive on occasion been unable to sleep. last Thursday my tongue was tingling and went so numb my speech was slurred and i was all confussed. as a result (I work in the hospital labs and with Drs) was sent A&E by my boss, i felt foolish but work were insistant. my MRI follow up was due in Aug but since im struggling walk even a corridor length etc the dr got me in to see neuro last wed.

I have 3 lesions two periventricular one deep brain. He said the MRI was “suspicious of MS” but i only had a brain one so need the spine scanned too.

I fee l obsessed with what he said. I suppose what i really want to know and should have asked is what are the odds of it not being MS?

My vit D is half what it should be so im hoping vitamins will help? Im trying to focus on it not being MS but since three doctors have only ever talked about this dx what can i focus on? Its only a label, i know it wont change my simptoms but treatment for whatever it is will…im hoping ha. I cant actually believe ive been left another two months lime this! can anyone please reassure me my legs will feel better soon? I have two children one a baby, so need to be more than doing a tin man rusted over whilst drunk impression.

Sorry for the rant but i already feel like i know some of you, and its a real comfort to have your advice.