New and in Limbo

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say hello and really glad I have signed up to the MS Society page. I have not been well on and off for a long while and just a month ago I had numbness in my face and my Dr sent me straight to A&E, scared and worried sick I went. After a three day stay in hospital along with full MRI, bloods and lumbar puncture I was sent home. My lumbar came back clear and they sent it to London to test for the bands.

They suspected a stroke in the first instance because I have a family history but I’m only 37 so I was really frightened but full MRI revealed it was not a stroke, nor tumor or cancer so have to be very thankful for that but I do have legions. Went for follow up couple of weeks ago with Neuro and he said suspecting MS due to episode I have just had and the fact that I have had problems with other things to due with headaches and earache, ringing in the ears and he said I have probably had it for a long while but just got on with things dues to being fobbed off by my old GP. So next step Addenbrokes in Cambridge to see Neuro there for another assessment and see if I can start Beta Interferfon.

To be honest I feel really well at the moment appart from getting tired and I have had days since being told where I feel really ok with it and say to myself “I am not going to let this get the better of me” and others where I feel scared to death about what is happening to me, why me?, what if’s and CRY ALOT. Suppose this is normal and everyone goes through it. My neruo did say I may get to Addenbrokes and they may say it’s so mild that I will be told to come back in 6 months for another assessment. Keep hoping like other people have said that I will wake up one morning and it would have all be a bad dream!

Does it get better to deal with when you have a 100% diagnosis and start treatment? it’s just that feeling of not really knowing but my neruo said “if I could take your brain out I would to show you what I mean and I am going to say I’m 95% sure you have MS”. So there you have it, sorry for such a long post I don’t work Monday’s and I am having a lazy day I am lucky in the fact I a have a very supportive husband and family.

Thanks for reading my epic post, caz x