Seeing Neuro in a fortnight, scared

Hello all, first time I have been on here for a while. I was told at the end of April that I more that likely have MS after one “episode” that landed me in hospital for three days being tested for all and sundry. I did not loose any mobility just had a wierd thing going on with my face like bells paulsy. Anyway, lumbar puncture, bloods, full MRI later Neuro suspect MS, however, he did say it is very mild and reffering me to Addenbrokes MS clinic for second opinion from his colleauges there and maybe start treatment. I am really nervous about this now, it’s been a hell of a roller coaster this last three months and I have laughed, cried, paniced, felt sorry for myself, cried some more, gone in to total denial about it all and even though I know that it could be MS I’m now constently thinking about friday weeks appointment. Did anyone else go through this? silly thing is I feel better now that I have done in years, think the 6 weeks off work, good rest, less stress did me the world of good which is why I am finding SO hard to accept, not only that my GP said that I would have to have three clinical episodes to get 100% DX. Sorry for running on, it just helps to get it off my chest :slight_smile: thanks everyone, Best wishes to you all, Caz - 37

Hi Caz, You are probably right in saying the six weeks you had off has worked wonders for you, but now you’re worried that it may be ms. Write out a short list of your symptoms, the one that bothers you the most at the top to take with you. Don’t be intimidated by the neuro, after all they are only human. MS doesn’t always show up on a MRI at first. Be strong, if it is ms it’s not the end of the world just a new way of living your life. You will cope with whatever is said. Remember we are all here for you, just get as much rest as you can and whatever you do don’t stress over it. Take care and pleaselet us know how you get on. Janet x

Hi Janet, thank you so much for your reply, it’s so nice to have some advice and reassurance. I keep telling myself I’m going to be fine but I think it’s the three months of limbo and just waiting to see what the final outcome is. My neuro at the hospital I was admitted into with a suspected stroke said he was referring me to Addenbrokes to start treatment but as he put it “my colleagues may disagree” so it’s all a waiting game and I just want to move forward. Thanks again and I will of course let you know how it goes. love your profile picture by they way, so cute I have three cats LOVE them to bits :slight_smile: Best wishes, Caz

Hi Caz, My puddy cat is called Tupac after the rapper, I’d never even heard of him but my son named him and he is the most loving, clever, intelligent cat you could wish for. I didn’t mention it before but ‘they’ also thought at one time that I’d had a stroke and they were totally wrong. You take care and don’t stress as stressing doesn’t solve anything, just makes you feel bad. You can always pm me if you want to. Janet x

Awrrrrr Janet what a brilliant name :slight_smile: my three are called Zilla, Spider and Daisy. Zilla is four, Spider two and Daisy 8months they are my babies! LOL. Thanks for being so kind, I will PM you next Friday after I have been to Addenbrokes, thanks again Janet it’s been a real comfort Best wishes Caz

Hi Caz, Love the name of your cats. We did at one time have 2 cats called Tish and Tosh but unfortunately they died. Will be thinking of you on Friday. Take care and good luck. Janet x