Almost diagnosed

Hi all, Developed some new symptoms recently (slurred speech) so asked to see the Neuro sooner than Feb (my next Appt). He rang me last Thursday and said i could go and see him after his ward round on Monday. I went along just expecting him to do another exam etc. Anyway he said hed compared my 2 scans (may and sept) on the weds and my 2nd scan showed new lesion in a new area so he is pretty certain its ms. Said the lumbar puncture that’s planned isn’t really needed as no matter what the results are the scan shows ms. I now await another MRI, ms clinic referral and stroke clinic referral as he couldn’t explain the slurred speech. Don’t really know how i feel to be honest. Partly glad to be getting answers but partly scared!! Helen

I know hun. Actually getting near to finding out why you’re not 100% is really scary.

It will take some time for the diagnosis to sink in. Give yourself time…don’t forget to ask what type of ms you have. Also ask for a contact number for an ms nurse.

There may be some DMDs you are suitable for. (This means desease modifying drugs, if you haven’t already heard of it).

As regards the slurred speech, maybe it is caused by ms fatigue? Let your neuro decide on that.

Keep in touch with us here, yeh?

Look after yourself.


Thanks Poll, The neuro offered to put me un touch with ms nurse so maybe i should take him up on that. He said it would save me keep looking on the internet lol! Helen x

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hi helen

well at least you know you’re not bonkers!

i felt relief on my diagnosis because i really felt i was losing my mind.

it’s a crap hand we’ve been dealt but play on!

it ain’t all bad because i had a lovely day today.

i have a friend with transverse myelitis and she has a really rough time.

she only gets out in a taxi that can take her wheelchair.

but i persuaded her to get in my car and we went to a lovely cafe for lunch.

the sun came out too!!

any other questions just put them on here.

look after yourself, rest whenever you need to, eat well, and love well.

carole x