Update! 8)

Hi Guys!

Just an update from me!

I saw my GP today regarding the letter from my neuro that I thought was dissmissing me. First thing she said was 'why on earth do you presume that?

She said that as far as she & her colleagues are concerned - going on my symptoms, history & neuro examinations by 4 seperate docs - MS is still the top of their list.

She said that the results at this stage may not have ruled MS in - but as far as they were concerned it certainly didn’t rule it out - not by a long shot!

She’s writing to the neuro to ask him what/where next? She’s also asking him to refer me to both an MS Specialist & a neurosurgeon as well x She said that if he doesn’t then she will!

I feel so relieved - not to be still in the ‘running’ for an MS diagnosis - nobody would want that - but because my worst nightmare would be to be just left like this!! xxxjenxxxx

Jen that’s great news, your GP sounds brilliant. Let’s hope they can get to the bottom of you problems soon. Xxx

YAY! for your GP - she sounds brilliant.

Karen x

She is Karen!

Shes more supportive of me than I am!! if you know what I mean!!


Good news Jen you may finally get some answers xxx

One step closer hey Jen?

Great feeling when someone takes you seriously isn’t it?

Good luck with finding the help you need.

Mandymoo xx

Thats great Jen. It is nice when Doctors take you seriously and don’t dismiss you. Take care Claudette x

That’s good news Jen, at least they are taking it seriously. Wishing you good luck.



Your gp does sound great :slight_smile:

Thats my worst fear as well to be left ,how i am now :frowning:

Sam x