2nd opinion and so the waiting continues...

I’m so sorry. I feel like I’ve been glued to this site as of late. Well after my botch up 4th neuro appointment (pat on the back , ignore it all and send you for an NMO blood test) I decided I wanted a second opinion. I saw my GP this evening and I’d made sure I was his last appointment so we weren’t rushing.

He listened for a good 15-20mins reading through and discussing symptoms the process etc and has agreed to refer me to another neurologist. Not sure if I’ll get an MS one but at this moment in time someone who will listen and take me seriosuly and look for answers will make me more than happy.

Feel like I’ve taken three steps forward to take 2 steps back but maybe just maybe I’ll move forward again now.

Such mixed up feelings but at least I have another chance



Well done Reemz, If you are getting nowhere all you can do is keep knocking on the door which is what you have done. I hope that the new neuro will prove to be better than the previous one. Good Luck with the next appointment, Teresa xx

I so pleased, hope this one gives you some answers, Chis x

Please don’t apologise for being glued here (I have too, hehe!) - I’ve liked seeing you around so much! :slight_smile:

Best of luck with your 2nd opinion. hugs

hi Reemz,

Im pleased to hear that you are finally getting somewhere!!

Just wanted to say that my neuro consultant was not specialised in MS but they can still recognise it and diagnose it so I wouldnt worry about that. When he diagnosed me he then reffered me to one of his colleagues who was specialised in MS.

Hope all goes well!

Shona x

Thank you guys so much for your support.

It’s so hard for loved ones to understand our distress. My parents don’t really understand medicla stuff, my sister tells me to have faith and believe in god and my partner though he trys to understand and be supportive some of the time, he wasn’t there when I got home yesterday and didn’t come back till late and I just ended up feeling quite upset that for something so important he was more bothered about meeting up with his friend. He felt bad about it after!

Thank you guys so much, the support on this forum is invaluable.



I’m sure your OH did feel bad about it afterwards Reemz.

We all drop a clanger now and then, he probably just didn’t ‘think’ - not a booboo that he’ll be making again though I bet!

All things dangly crossed that your referral to a different neuro will get you somewhere this time round - not all neuro’s are the same as your first one…thankfully.

Debbie xx

You’re absolutely right Debbie, he didn’t think and he certainly won’t do the same again. I guess not knowing whats happening to your body puts you in a fragile state of mind and when the doctors don’t support you it’s very upsetting.

But onwards and upwards. I have a blood test for NMO and will wait for the results and most importantly a chance to see another neuro who will hopefully be different. Have to look forward.

Thank you