Back from Neuro

Well after a massive 4hrs in clinic I’ve been seen. Not by consultant as I thought but reg who was nice and spent 45mins with him. He said he found some neuro problems didn’t say what but I noted reduced sensation to sole of foot , big toe going up and out on foot scrape and still brisk reflexes. He went to speak to consultant came back and said were there any other things I could think of so said been seen for ? Ms in 2009 but reassured normal so that was good. He then said that basically that was number 1 for what they were looking to rule out so full head and spine mri, bloods and see in clinic in a couple of months with results. Asked what else it could be and he just said lets see what results say. Not sure how I feel now after 4years of symptoms to be told it might be. Oh well onwards and upwards A xx

Hi Arwen! So glad it went well for you - eventually! xxxxjenxxx

Thanks Jen Xx

Thanks Jen Xx

Hi Arwen, glad to hear from you. Any idea when you get the results from the MRI?

No idea reiki haven’t even got a date yet. My mate who is the only one who knows has told me it deffo cant be ms as she knew a friend of a friend who had it years ago and had about 2-3 attacks in first year that left them really disabled. Think that was meant to be reassuring Ax

People say some daft things sometimes when they think they are being sympathetic. Pretty sure I have myself. I’m finding that this forum is a good waiting room though. Supportive, informative and occasionally fun :slight_smile: All the best x

Yes it certainly is I’d feel totally lost without it A

Hi Arwen.

Glad it went well for you today. I guess you and I are keeping the Neuros busy today!! Do you know when you will get your scans? Fingers crossed it will be the same day as me and we can meet up for a cuppa lol.

I guess its a lot to take in, now that you know they are officially looking for it again, but hopefully the next stage of testing won’t take too long.

Big hugs

Angela xx

Omg wouldn’t it be good if they were the same day and we could have coffee lol. Tbh I sat and cried in the car park for half an hour after 4years and 3neuros before today. One of those things where I was scared to be told go away again and scared to be told yes something is up. Anyway bi girl pants on now and slapped self wait for mri and see what today’s bloods show A x

So glad it went well. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for the tests and results xx

Oh bless you. Here is a big hug, just for you. (((((((((hugs))))))))).

Maybe we shouldn’t wait for the appt and just meet up anyway - we can’t be that far apart from each other surely - or maybe we can do an up north wheatsheaf??? Ooooh, will post that and see if I get any response!

A x

Oh deffo don’t need to wait. Thanks for hug. Axx

Meant to say what was funny was him apologising when he put a vibration thing on me and it triggered off the crawly ant sensation and I was trying to brush them off. A x

That’s excellent news Arwen. I’m so so pleased the neuro listened and you’re being properly investigated rather than having everything brushed aside.

Don’t worry about comments people make. A consultant I once worked with said something quite similar - it just shows either shows their ignorance or they’re trying to be upbeat for you.

I hope my neuro review goes as well as yours. I have nearly a month to wait :frowning:

Let us know how you get on with the scans.



Thanks Reemz its actually floored me to be believed you know! I can’t believe you still have a month to go you seem to have been waiting ages, I really hope yours goes well too. Will let you know how scan goes Xx