finally seen the neuro - moving forward after 2 years

Hey all

finally got to see a neuro after my last one went on sabbatical (had symptoms for 2 years and seen 3 neuros, 2 MS specialists). New neuro was fab - after I went through the new symptoms he said so it seems like you are still having issues. He then said though I had non-specific lesions (not typical of MS) he had seen many people with non-specific lesions like mine go on to develop MS. He thinks that what I have is MS and is keen on getting me on some DMD’s with the right evidence to support diagnosis as he said you’ve had more than 2 episodes and they’re within 6 months of each other.

He’s arranging repeat MRI (spine and brain as he believes my issues are spinal), Lp and EVP. He was even lovely enough to say we’ll accommodate you what day of the week is best with my work schedule for me to come in and get all tests done in 1 go.

So not a clear diagnosis yet (everything may come back with nothing to show) but the neuro believes and if the evidence is there to support MS which the neuro strongly suspects I will get DMD’s, help, treatment.

So relieved to be doing something to maybe get answers :slight_smile:



good news Reemz,


Catherine x

Good news that this neuro seems to be proactive in diagnosing your problem Reemz. Hopefully you’ll get to the bottom of it in the near future! Keep us informed as to how it all goes! Teresa xx

That is brilliant Reemz. Its been a long hard slog for you and I am glad you are finally there. Lets hope this neuro doesn’t b*gger off on sabatical!!!

I hope you don’t have to wait too long for your scans.

Angela x

Hooray Reemz at long last. Taken you long enough to see someone and get anywhere. Axx

Thank you guys.

More waiting now but at least I’m moving forward. Yes this doctor is not allowed to leave! He did say to me - you’ve seen a lot of people and I felt like saying thats not my fault I’ve been messed around enough - but smiled sweetly and said yes I know.

Hope date for tests comes soon - at least it will all be in one day :slight_smile:



That’s great Reemz…makes such a difference when you get a nice consultant, doesn’t it?

Fingers crossed for some definitive answers and lots of support for you very soon xx