First neuro appointment yesterday

Well the neuro I saw was great. Very thorough I thought. Asked lots of questions. Wrote down everything - ended up with 4 pages of notes! She asked about previous medical history.

So now she has ordered MRI of my spine, VEP, had lots of blood tests yesterday, depending on the results of these I may or may not have a lumbar puncture. And I go back in 3 months (apparently all these tests will be done by then).

She even took all the notes I wrote about what is going on with me.

I have reduced feeling in the whole of my right side from my forehead to my feet - I didnt think it was that widespread, she noticed that I 'limp' on the right side too, stuck me with a pin many times. And other stuff that I have forgotten now!

I was with her for about three quarters of an hour and she explained everything to my partner and I. I will be contacted by an MS nurse, tho she said that does not mean she is diagnosing me with MS, as I could have one of three or four conditions (obv including MS), and the tests should exclude other conditions. She said she thought the MS nurse may be able to help me more than my GP with my symptoms.

I have been put on new tablets which she said should help with the pain I get in my eyes and my arms, legs and ribs. 

So all in all I think a very productive appointment, and hopefully I should know exactly what I am dealing with in about 3 months time. As I never thought I would get a diagnosis at my first appointment, I am happy that I have been thoroughly examined and tests have been ordered.

Paula x

Great result! What a lovely, thorough neuro :-)

Karen x

I am pleased for you Paula, sounds like you have a good neuro there! It is great they are going to support you without a concrete Dx.

Good luck with the rest of you tests, keep us posted.


What superb news that you have a good neuro who is thorough and obviously truthful.

Obviously not good if it does end up with ms dx but to be fair to be out of limbo usually makes it easier as at least tratments etc are then available and it means you know whats causing such weird hard to explain things.

Onwards and upwards.


I'm so pleased you've had such a positive experience. Really does give the rest of us hope that there are some good neuro's out there.



That sounds brilliant - what an excellent neuro xx

Good news. Glad you're getting some solid help and support.happy2


That sounds like a neuro to hang onto. Great news


Thanks everyone :D The new tabs I got arent for pain at all.. they are actually for the jerks/twitches I have almost constantly. The neuro also went through the other tabs I am on and suggested which ones I can increase if I am having a bad day. I think she is great! 

Its funny but I got up this morning with no double vision and not too much blurriness! As the day has gone on its come back though, but hey ho.. thats what I am used to now xx