So I had my first appointment with a Neurologist yesterday

This last 2 months have been a bit of a blur, I was totally oblivious and MS had never entered my head prior to my MRI results, I hadnt been to the Doctor with symptoms, I basically had no idea anything was potentially wrong apart from my right arm feeling numb when I touched it. It was my Doctor that mentioned MS after my results shown an area of demyleination, it was a shock and she scared me senseless. I didnt know what demyleination was so googled it and MS was pretty much all that came up!

I had seen a Neurosurgeon a month ago, I think we both wondered why I was there as he said I should be seeing Neurologist but he did basic reflex tests and said I was ok.

So my first appointment was yesterday, what a lovely lovely man the Neurologist was, he did neurological tests and said I was fine which was a relief. He said he knew MS had been mentioned but I shouldnt focus on that as there are a lot of other things that could have caused this lesion, he said it was very faint, that it could be just one of those things, a one off, but that because its there it needs investigating. So I had blood taken, lots of vials, the nurse said oh your getting the full works and I am waiting to have another MRI of my full spine and head. Gosh I am so claustophobic but it has to be done and I am very grateful to be having these tests done.

He asked about my medical history and I had made a time line diary of things that had happened over the years which was suggested on here, it did really help. He seemed interested in my broken jaw and asked how that had happened, I also had done a daily diary since January, which was basically tingling and lightheadedness everyday since my MRI results. I explained Id had anxiety on and off over the years and did wonder whether my head was playing tricks on me at the moment.

So that was it really, whatever the outcome, I left the hospital feeling so much better. I cannot praise this guy and the Salford Royal enough. I know Ive been fortunate to be seen so quickly and am very grateful as even waiting for just a couple of months has been horrid.

Take care everyone.


Good to hear your appt went ok, take it one step at a time. Good luck with MRI. The waiting is just horrid but it has to be done x


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What a great appointment! It could be that the ‘lesion’ they’ve seen is what they call an ‘artefact’, which would basically mean it’s not a lesion at all. Wouldn’t that be great.

Now all you have to do is wait on the next MRI and results. With a bit of luck, all will be clear and you can go back from being scared111 to strong and brave 111. And thankful for your good health and close call!


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hi scared111

i’m in complete agreement that salford royal is an excellent place.

i also agree with sue about changing your name once all the tests have been done and results are in.

you need a warrior’s name!

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hi scared111,

I am also glad to here that you are felling better after your appointment, keep strong.

Glad to here that Salford Royal provides great care.

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She probably won’t need a change of name - she won’t have MS and life can start again with a vengeance. Just so long as she comes and tells us the result.


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Glad your appointment went well!

I have my first appointment tomorrow after seeing my GP last week. MS hadn’t even entered my head, yet here I am on a MS forum feeling like MS could explain a lot of things.

It is a very strange time! Good luck, hope you keep sharing your story!

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply and for being there for me… Whatever the result, this group is so supportve and I hope you are right Ssssue and that this is just a blip but I will definately be back to share my results.

I certainly dont deserve a warrier name but hey that would be good, so at the moment its scared111 but feeling a bit more positive

Wishing you all the very best, it is a scary time, thank you all for listening to me and sharing your experiences too.

Take care x