So I had my first Neuro appointment today

Hi Im currently undiagnosed, infact until last week MS hadnt crossed my mind.

I went to my Docs as I had a funny numb sensation that had spread from my hand, up the front of my arm and over my shoulder, I thought it was something to do with an accident I had had at work where I had kind of caused whiplash to my arm and shoulder, its still not right. She suspected a trapped nerve, sent me for an MRI on my cervical spine area and last week I was called in to discuss the results. There was an area in my Spinal Column that she said was inflamed and the coating of the nerves was missing, so I was refered to Neurology. I have been extremely lucky to get an appointment in less than a week!

My appointment was today, but I seen a Neurosurgeon and not a Neurologist?? I dont know why, is this normal?

I lead an active life, have a manual job and was concerned that I could potentially make this inflammation worse by working and horse riding but he assured me there was plenty of spinal fluid around the area and I was fine to continue. He said the numbness most likely tied in with the accident I had but the area inflamed wasnt caused by trauma. He said he couldnt comment on whether it could be MS as Id need to see a Neurologist for further tests. I thought I was seeing a Neurologist. He shown me the area on the scan and explained it was lighter, to be honest I could barely see the difference but he said it had been flagged up and had to be investigated, hence being called in. He said it could be a blip in the MRI scan and also 10 yrs ago it probably wouldnt have been picked up but I was to see a Neurologist and have a MRI of all my spine and head. He did the reflex and balance tests and said I was fine.

In the mean time I had consulted Dr Google, I know I know and I now seem to have every symptom going, currently tingly legs! My anxiety has been through the roof this week, I so so feel for those of you who have had to wait months to see a Consultant!!

So I really dont know what to think now, I expect I will have a long wait now to see a Neurologist, kind of wondering why I seen a Neurosurgeon in the first place?


If the neurosurgeon did all the reflex and balance tests, and said they were fine, then you probably are OK and don’t have MS. But obviously you need a full MRI and to see a neurologist to check everything out.

Try (!) not to worry. You will find resolution soon and whatever the result, you will deal with it.



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Awww thanks Sue, I have been worried sick. Its sad how things like this can really put everything into perspective. I do wonder what the inflammation is and why it is there but hopefully it will all turn out ok.

I really appreciate you support and advice.

Thanks again