Second opinion

Hi next week I am due to se another neuro for a second opinion. I’ve purposefully chosen another hospital but it’s not too far away from the one I visit now. My diagnosis from my current neuro ( even though he still sends me appointments regularly) is psychosomatic disorder. I am very concerned that the new neuro will not take much notice of me and will just go with the first neuros opinion so as not to undermine him. Over the past few weeks I’ve had some really awful symptoms, unsure if ms related but I’m certain there has to be a reason for them. Does anybody have experience with second opinions? And whether the man will actually listen to me or not thanks x

Hi, yes I sought a 2nd opinion (recommended by GP and BUPA) after my first neuro appt.

I have seen many specialists for various things since, none of which can agree with each othet.

The 2nd opinion guy I saw was really nice but tended to focus on my previous back problem rather than what was going on with me at the time. he diagnosed maigraine aura due o my age (hormonal issues) which has since been ruled out by other professionals.

So although he was much nicer I didn’t really get much further. HOWEVER, doesn’t mean the person you go to will be lik that, really hoping thay are better and offer the help you need.

And yes, there does have to be a reason for the symptom, and i personally do not beleive these are Physosamatic. If yo feel them they are real, self doubt is something we all experience, but you know what is happening to you, stick with it and PUSH for more help. it can be a long road but eventually you will fin an answer.

I’m mow on my 3rd neuro by the way


Thanks bunnythecat, I do hope this guy is nicer. I did my homework on him before I requested to see him and he seems to have a very good reputation, however I’m starting to lose all hope in neuros after the way the last one treated me. I’m just really bothered that as soon as I go in he is going to already have his opinion ( given by my old neuro) Wish I’d opted to go to the London university hospital which is probably where I will end up!!! Can’t believe you are on your third neuro. Have you also been diagnosed with psychosomatic disorder? When I’ve read up about this and conversion disorder it says it is quite rare and a diagnosis of this should not be given until all other things are ruled out so I do not get why neuros dish out this diagnosis so easily, The whole thing just winds me up so bad and I can’t believe there are so many of us in this position. I hope you get your answers soon. One thing I am learning is that it could be possible I do not have ms but until someone is willing to run all the appropriate tests on me I do not know what the hell it is x

My first neuro was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. My current neuro is far too professional to say anything detrimental about his colleague but reading between the lines of what he didn’t say, my husband and I agree he was no more impressed than we were.

My current neuro didn’t pay any attention to what my first neuro thought. He wanted his own set of tests doing - he apologised that this meant a repeat of the MRI, but he wanted my spine scanning as well as my brain (1st only did my brain), and he ordered additional tests that the 1st hadn’t. He then made his mind up and gave me a diagnosis based on his observations of things like my reflexes, my ability to walk heel-to-toe and the other tests he performed on me, and the results of the MRI, lumbar puncture and evoked potential tests.

Your new neuro should ignore what his colleague thinks and should see you with an open mind. He is unlikely to say anything about your previous neuro, professionalism demands that if he can’t be complimentary he says nothing (and given that you’re seeking a second opinion, he’s unlikely to be complimentary - if your first neuro was that good, you wouldn’t be seeking a second opinion!).

Hi Jojo, no I haven’t been diagnosed with psychosomatic disorder or officially diagnosed as suffering from stress or depression. My first neuro just dismissed me as being “a bit stressed” but i’m pretty sure, ad my Gp is, that I am not stressed or depressed, or at least that wasn’t what triggered this illness.

I also worry about comments neuro put on letters etc co I do feel other professionals take one look and assume the same.

My new neuro hasn’t done that though, but I did notice yesterday he asked me and my hubby lots of questions about family life, work etc so I guess he was trying to suss out if there may be problems that cause stress.

As lovely as the new neuro is, if he so much as hints as stress/depression etc when I next see him I think i will clobber him!!

Mental illness seems to be the default position for many Neuros.

Thanks mitzi really hope I get at least another spinal MRI as that’s where my trouble is lately and perhaps the blood tests to rule out other things. I know bunnythecat that this is gonna happen to me. They will use the fact that I’m a single parent and turn it round to make out I’m stressed. This is what the last one did. Even when I was telling him about an inner ear infection he asked if I was stressed at the time!!! Don’t see how an inner ear infection is caused by stress. I will also end up clobbering the neuro if he mentions stress to me. The only thing I’m stressed about is this whole thing and not being taken serious!!! Mitzi are you diagnosed with ms now? I am quite aware mine possibly isn’t ms but I’m pretty sure it is something x

Hi Jojow, the last comment you make is what is important… that something isn’t right and all you want is a diagnosis of something that can be treated suffieicently so that you get back on with your life. Who wants to lose out on precious time with their kids, partners, families, friends and life in general. I ask myself many times why would we make this stuff up, when there is so much at stake. There are many threads on here that show that persisitence is key. I hope you have the stamina to keep fighting. All the best in your journey Lou x

Jojow, yes, I was diagnosed in January with PPMS. Stress was never mentioned as a factor, my current neuro’s view from the start was that there is a physical reason for my problems, let’s find out what it is and then see about treatment. That’s where my luck ran out - diagnosed with something untreatable!

Although my ex and current neuros are based in the same department, I see my current one at a different hospital so I don’t think he had access to my records from the other one (such as they are). What he got was the big fat file that I’ve built up over the years at the hospital where I see my current neuro!