Second opinion


Iv decided to get a second opinion of my symptoms with a private ms specialist in Leeds and was wondering if anyone had seen a neuro in the Leeds area.

Thanks Christine

Sorry Christine I have never been to Leeds so I’m afraid I can’t help you. Just didn’t want you to think no one was listening.

I wish you good luck.



P.S. Forgot to mention you can always get a second opinion on the NHS.



Thanks Janet,

I decided to go private because iv just had a bad expereince with an nhs endo. The advice and info from him was all wrong and my bloods were not taken often enough resulting in thyroid levels way out of range. I know endos and neuros are very different but my faith has gone for the moment in the nhs. This has not always been case i had an amazing bowel specialist on the nhs.


Morning Christine, I had 2 second opinions, which were soul destroying, as it seems the Neuros belong to a special club, and wont give a definitive answer otherwise it will contradict one of their colleagues. That is how i felt anyway.

My first one didnt even bother to have my NOTES. He had no clue what was really happening, and i had to waste most of my appointment telling him. Then he just said it sounds like CSF/M.E. So i said to him funny that as my neuro actually doesnt even believe that exists and told me categorically it wasnt that lol… Anyway he said when my notes came he would review. On the letter i got from him, it did confirm something i didnt know that i had a lesion seen in my C6 I think it was, but still no diagnosis.

The second one, well what can I say. He said no its not MS, again no NOTES, its more likely FUNCTIONAL DISORDER LOL. OK I said i dont care what it is if that is the diagnosis then bring on the treatment.

Oh I cant say for definite he said as i dont have your test results, once i get them then i will send you a letter. Well one thing i do know is you cant diagnose FD if there are positive test results which i knew i had so i thought well that was a waste of eighty pounds lol.

I got a letter not long after saying after reviewing the results and my notes, he could not help me any further and suggested i went back to the original nuero lol…I just smiled to myself, and thought IDIOT lol. Honestly i am convinced there is a conspiracy also if you are a certain age you have had it.

I just hope if you do have second opinion it gives you answers. It just left me more frustrated, thats the reason why i decided to just get on with my life and weirdly enough it worked as the neuro called me back lol. xx

(p.s. I have only used capital letters to emphasis not to shout. x)

Hi Crazy chick,

I totally get where your coming from and the only thing that encourages me is that some people after many neuro visits finally manage to see someone who really does care and listens even if it turns out not to be ms.

I have lost so much faith with doctors and specialists and have also got a M.E/Fibro diagnosis which only hinders in seeing the fuller picture.

Can i ask you if you are nay further on in getting a diagnosis?