2nd Opinion. What to take?

I am having my second opinion privately on Friday and I’m not sure what to take. Obviously I want a fresh start but is it worth taking the disc of my MRI and the letter from the Neuro psych saying that I’m not a nutter (Well not medically!)


I’m going for a 2nd opinion on 29th Oct - my GP said to act as if it’s the first so there’s no influence or alarm bells - she said if they know it’s a 2nd opinion they start on the basis that someone else found nothing wrong! I think you should do the same. Although it means a bit of lying about why you’ve put up with it for so long!!! Hope it goes well for you whatever you decide xx

I would say take the disc of the MRI with you and show the consultant that for sure. As for the letter I would take it with you but not volunteer it and only give it to them if it comes up in conversation. The neurologist I’m under now was the 2nd neurologist as the first neurologist was rubbish and was very junior! When I saw the second neurologist I was very honest with him and showed him my disc on my MRI. So in my personal opinion I would take it all with you as that way you’re prepared

Thanks Deb thats a good point apart from the fact my GP has put in her referal letter that its a second opinion.

Thanks Karina. My first neuro was rubbish and senior!!

I am going to a totally different hospital so hopefully he wont just take the first guys word for it.


My first neuro was an MS specialist, senior and rubbish. More his bedside manner than the investigations he’d done.

My GP had said (I was going for a second opinion -worst thing was he attatched all the correspondance from the first neuro grrr! It turned out fine in the end. I was honest and said I’d searched for a second opinion not becuase I was disputing his diagnosis (which was inflammation of the spinal cord at the time) but more his bedside manner. I did take all my blood test results and MRI’s with me which the first general neuro didn’t look at. But when he referred me to the MS specialist they were appreciative that I brought my blood test results but had managed to get hold of my scans. I was very wary of saying I thought I had MS in my case though I did say I felt something wasn’t right. In the end as you know the MS specialist said I’ve had investigations for all the other obvious things and it is sounding like MS but with non-specific lesions and sensory symptoms it’s hard to diagnose and I wouldn’t get meds anyway.

I’m going off on a tangent…So if I were you - the neuro is going to know it’s a second opinion anyway as you said your GP has told him. I think you can always take things with you and then if you’re not sure you don’t have to give them your MRI etc. Oh by the way make sure if you do give them your MRI that its not your one and only copy just incase you need a copy at a later date.

Good luck Nikki. Hope you finally get a proper consultation.



Thanks Reemz it never occured to me to take blood test results, I’ve just rung the doctors to get a copy.

I only have the one copy of my MRI on disc and it can’t be copied, my hubby has tried and if he can’t do it no one can. He is a total geek lol.

I have just tried looking at it again and there are definate white spots but I have no idea what I’m looking at so it could be anything. Though the largest white spot turned out to be muck on my screen

I’m starting to feel nervous now, I know I won’t get any answers tomorrow but just to be believed would be a good start.


I think Reemz has given you great advice here Nikki. I just wanted to wish you luck and hope you have better luck with this guy. Please let us know how you get on. You are bound to feel nervous but try to stay calm if you can. Thinking of you and wishing you all the luck in the world. Teresa xx

Hi, just wanna wish you good luck for tomorrow. Let us know how it goes, eh?

luv Pollx

Good luck


Thanks pip xxx

How did it go? Hope it was good! Please let us know asap xxx