Referred for 2nd Opinion

Hi, followng my previous post re my rather strange and vague neuro consultation… seen my GP this morning and explained how neuro consultant seemed quite muddled, contradicted himself and was generally rushed and dismissive, GP recommends a 2nd opinion which thankfully BUPA have approved. The GP came out with a very commonsense reason which was… collectively, all my symptoms really do seem to indicate a neurological condition of some kind, whether it be MS or one of the many other possible conditions. If each symptom were down to individual different illnesses then I would have possibly 4 or 5 different conditions running concurrently which would be extremely unlikely. Also, as nothing has been diagnosed the GP cannot treat any of my symptoms as we don’t know what it is that is wrong with me.So have spoken to BUPA this morning, explained situation, they agree with GP and have authorised a 2nd opinion from a different Neurologist. So im now hopefull that I will at least get a better idea of what is going on and if it turns out not be neurological then we can at least start looking at other things and i hope get closer to a diagnosis and treatment. Thank heavens my GP is supportive and on my side

Hurrah for good GPs. I hope this new referral is fruitful.


Thanks Alison, I have to say that so far I have found my GP practice much more helpful and understanding than any of the consultants I have seen. I may be setting myself up fo a fall, in that I could get diagnosed with something I would rather not have, but now just knowing, whatever, will be a relief

Hi, I am so glad your GP is on your side!

If you are going through BUPA you may get a quicker appt than through the usual channels.

I hope you get some answers and dont have to wait too long for that.

luv Pollx

Glad they’ve seen sense and you’ll get second opinion. Hope it goes well x

Hope you have better luck this time

Sharon x