2nd opinion tomorrow

Well the days almost here for me to go for my second neuro opinion.

Got copies of my MRI and bloods and my list of symptoms and history. Its not an MS specialist but hopefully I’ll have a better experience and get a little closer to getting help and answers. I’ll admit now that its here I’m a little scared of what he will or won’t say; I really want an answer but then part of me’s scared also a little scared of knowing too.

Feels like a pivotol week this week with my neuro review tomorrow and I’m heading home to tell my parents about my partner on Saturday (I’m hindu he’s jewish). Its overdue as we’ve been together almost 4 years and are ready to commit. Just nerve wracking I know my family aren’t going to take it well.

Hopefully all comes good in the end; my health and the situation with my family.



Wishing you the best for tomorrow, I really hope you get some much needed answers. Sam x

Thanks Sam, fingers crossed.X

Good luck (for both events!)

Karen x

Good luck!

Thank you Karen & Jon. Appointments this afternoon so trying to keep myself busy at work till then. Reemz X

Hope it goes well Sam xx

Good luck Reemz with both your review and your parents. I know how you feel about the appointment and have also had a similar experience with my husband’s parents. Life has to go on though and you need someone by your side who loves and supports you through the good times and the bad. Will be thinking of you - let us know how you get on. FIngers are crossed.

TF x

Good luck with both things, you don’t do things by halves do you! Hope everything goes well for you and remember we are all here for you Xxx

Good Luck, hope all goes well :slight_smile:

Good Luck, hope all goes well :slight_smile:

All the best with both. You certainly know how to raise your stress levels eh!!

Take care


Good luck with both of the big things coming up in your life Reemz. Teresa xx