MS specialist review tomorrow

Hey guys

Got what I think is a review with the MS specialist tomorrow. Came through quicker than expected as I was only seen by the general neuro guy 6 weeks ago.

Know I’m not going to get any answers tomoz but fingers crossed he’s a good neuro and listens so I can at least be on the path to getting the right answers in time.

Felt pretty good at the moment apart from last week which I think was a combo of overdoing/acupuncture and massage - never again!

Taking the other half with me for an extra set of ears. Wish me good luck.



That’s good news that you haven’t had to wait this time for a consultant appointment and that you’re seeing an ms specialist. Good luck! Let us know how you get on. Will be thinking of you tomorrow x

Good Luck with the MS specialist tomorrow Reemz. Before dx last year I saw a neuro who thought I was probably suffering from MS but she wasn’t 100% sure, so she referred me to a specialist who immediately pronounced that I had MS. Perhaps your original neuro feels that he/she needs a second opinion themselves? Anyway, thinking of you for tomorrow. Teresa xx

Good luck and fingers crossed that you get some sort of answers.

Good luck for tomorrow xx Sam x

Good luck :slight_smile: Karen x

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow.



Hi Reemz, A bit late but hope it went well, Chis