Neuro Tomorrow

Well guys I have the neuro tomorrow morning

Im hoping it is not MS, but maybe at least if I get a Dx I may get some help with Tx?

Any comments on what to ask if it is MS would be much appreciated.


Chelle x

Hi Chelle x all the very bestest for tomorrow! xxxjenxx

Thanks Jen!


Hi Chelle and good luck tomorrow hun. happy2

I have mine tomorrow evening so lets hope we both get some answers. thumbsup

I was going to ask (if it is MS), what type, prognosis and what treatment is available.

Mags xx

If it is MS, then the things I would ask about are contact details for an MS nurse, DMDs (disease modifying drugs/treatment) if it is RRMS and meds for any symptoms you are struggling with.

If it is not MS, then I would ask why not, what else could it be, what other tests should we do, who else should I see and for help with symptoms.

If it is CIS or probable MS, then I would ask the neuro to explain exactly why it is not MS against the McDonald criteria, contact details for an MS nurse if possible and help for symptoms.

Good luck!

Karen x

Thanks Guys, Im just about to hit the road to go see him! I have my notebook with Q's at the ready, I will post later with outcome!


Chelle x

PS - Good Luck to you too Mags! Let us know how you get on!!

Good luck everyone!

My mum couldn’t understand why I wanted a diagnosis do badly - how could I possibly want to be diagnosed with MS. Of course, no one does, but when you’re suffering and you’re not getting the right help or treatment, and when people are wondering what on Earth is wrong with you and, quite frankly, presume you’re some kind of hypochondriac, you need something concrete. A diagnosis means a final understanding and a way forward. I really hope they can give you something!

Hope it all goes well Auntie mogs and Chelle. Let us know how you get on.X



Good luck

Sam x

Good luck today, hope you get some answers

Well good luck girls I hope it isnt MS and something else what ever it is you should be able to get help and hope that your neuroligist is as nice as mine.

Thanks Guys!

Well I have a Dx - finally I have been Dx with RRMS, my neuro was great! He spent loads of time explaining it to me and showing me my lesions.... not so nice to see the damage to my brian, but still at least I know Im no longer deluded and making up all these symptoms etc...

Im feeling really positive at the moment, was a big girl and went all on my own, armed with a note book and pen! I was able to aks lots of questions, and even managed to have a laugh and a joke with him! He questioned me about not having a LP done - I said well at least I tried - we got halfway there, justdidnt get the fluid out lol!!

He said I dont qulaify for DMDs at present, but may do soon!


Chelle x

Hey Chelle

I’m sure even though nobody wants to have MS getting your diagnosis is a great relief. As you say these symptoms are real and its good to know whats caused them so you can try and move forward to trying to make sure you do everything to keep healthy and help yourself.

Sorry about the diagnosis but so pleased you have answers and can move forward Chelle.



I am so sorry that you have MS.
Good to hear that your Neuro is nice and was helpful.
Sam x

Thanks Guys You have all been a great help and support to me during this terrible time! Good luck to you all and all the best for the future ! xxx