Neurologist tomorrow

So, i was diagnosed via letter on 3rd October. Tomorrow I will see the neurologist. Can anyone help? I want to ask what type of MS it is and treatment options but from your wealth of experience can anyone give me a list of questions I definitely should be asking him please. Thanks lovely peeps.


Hope the neurologist appointment goes well for you tomorrow. Must have been a surprise being told via a letter. Im not diagnosed but having some tests done, im sure lots of others will have some sound advice for you x

All the best for tomorrow, write a list of everything you want to ask. I think you should ask what plan they will put in place for you, for example medications and treatment. You should also have an MS nurse too. I am sorry you found out via letter. Keep strong and I hope all goes well. Lina

Hi Sarah, I had been told by the neurologist he was pretty sure it was MS a few weeks earlier so it wasn’t a massive surprise but still, Yes face to face would have been nicer. Good luck with the tests x

Thank you Lina,

you keep strong too x

Too late now I’m sure, Linas advice was good though. I hope the appointment went well, you now have the contact details of an MS nurse and a view forward to what happens next. Sue

Hi Sue, how are you?

Hi Lina

About as well as normal, ie a bit rubbish, but just normal! Hope you’re holding up.


Thank you.