Neurological appointment tomorrow

Nearly time for my neurological appointment, ekk!

I have waited so long for this day to come and now it’s nearly here I’m dreading it for some stupid reason.

can someone help me, has anyone been told that Ms is the probable cause of symptoms on the day of your neurological exam, or do Drs keep things to their chest until they have conclusive evidence?

And another quick question, I’ve woken up with a bad heal pain again, anyone else have this, this is the second time I have had this over the last two weeks, last time I have it it lasted 3days and I couldn’t put my heal down as felt like I had glass in bottom off my foot.

Hope everyone is having a good day today

kind reguards

heidi x

I don’t know but I’m in a similar boat. I have my neuro appointment this afternoon and I’m seriously scared! My gp has mentioned MS and she thinks it’s likely but I don’t know. A large part of me needs answers but an equally big part of me wants to go back to bed and deny this is happening!

I really hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

My exact thoughts too. I so want answers and I have had two Drs mention suspected Ms, I am just praying it isn’t x

good luck today Hun, please post on here and let me know how you got on,

sending hugs and love

heidi x

good luck x

Thank you highandlowx. Not sure what to expect x x

Hello Heidi

They will ask questions about medical history and symptoms, then examine you. Then they may order further test. Let us know how it goes:) x

I was told I had ‘probable MS’ at my first neuro appointment. The consultant asked me first when I went into the consulting room if I was the kind of person who wanted to know what was wrong, if anything, or if I would rather live in ignorant bliss. I said I wanted to know.

She then did various reflex tests and so-on, and she at that point said it was probable MS (I had slower reactions on my right side), but she wanted to order an MRI and further blood tests to confirm. One had already been done by Ophthalmology (due to me having optic neuritis) and they’d requested full brain and optic nerves. She looked at the scans while I was there and could see there were 7 or 8 lesions on my brain (Radiology hadn’t done the report at this stage), and instantly told me she would refer me to the MS nurse. She also ordered extra blood tests to rule out things like lupus, and to see what my calcium and vitamin D levels were. I am waiting for an appointment with the MS nurse (don’t know how long that’ll take, but I’ve been waiting 3 weeks) and a letter to confirm if I should take vitamin D supplements as well. I went to my GP today, and he read the MRI report which confirmed lesions in my brain consistent with MS.

So, long story short, I would say yes you can be diagnosed with probable MS at your first appointment, but it may well depend on what information the Neuro has about you when you go in.

Good luck!

I haven’t had any Mri’s so nothing there to go on when my Dr referred me she said to write all my symptoms down that may be related and approax date, I done this and she sent it off with referral, so that information they will know, I’ve never had ON, but I have had eye pain in left eye and optician what’s a deeper investigation as something about the muscle, hurts when I look up and sideways, still waiting for that referral. My Dr suspects it but only after my arms went dead heavy two weeks ago, I have been tested for everything already, everything normal, except one result high white blood cell count, but given antibiotics and re done test and level was reduced, slightly low vitamin D but they expected that because of the time of year it was.

i just hope I get some answers today, been to long without answers x

I will Hun, it’s not till 2 or 2.30 forgot, so I will post tonight x