Neuro today

So i’ve just got back from neuro appointment. I last saw her briefly in Jan, she wasn’t aware of all the symptoms I had going on just blackouts and a seizure so made a double appointment for me today. She examined me and the whole of the left side of my body has lost sensation, that was the only part really of the neuro exam which was abnormal. My left leg didn’t have any reflex either. I had a brain MRI in january but as far as I can tell wasn’t specifically looking for MS so I am having another brain MRI as well as a spinal MRI and follow up in 2 months. She did say my symptoms could indicate MS but she hopes it’s not. So that’s the next step and she said we go from there dependany on the results. After 3 years I finally feel like I could be getting somewhere, although she did say sometimes there just isn’t a definite answer.

That sounds positive. I hope you get the answers you want x


I too went for my 1st Neuro appt today. Unlike you they couldn’t find any loss of sensation but I have been referred for MRI. My consultant was lovely and explained everything very well and even reassured me when I explained how frustrated I felt at still having no answer to why I had the symptons I had. He too said sometimes they cant find a reason for the symptons which I have to say left me worried! At least with a diagnosis I could get help instead of dealing with all this without a real explanation as to why I am suffering all the symptons I am. Im beginning to realise this is a very long slow frustrating process! I hope you find the answers to your symptons soon and I guess we must all remain upbeat and take each day as it comes.

It’s great you have a good neuro too. I finally feel I will get some sort of answer from this one. Se is very thorough. I feel I have too many symptoms for there to be no explanation at all, a few weeks ago I wanted an answer, any answer. But now id much rather it be unexplained than have ms. She said I could have treatment for the symptoms and if I could have something to help with this awful fatigue I could cope with everything else xx