Had my neurology appointment this morning

Good morning all,

just thought I’d share a brief update following my neurology appointment today.

This was my first appointment with a neurologist following multiple referrals from my GP and following my MRI earlier this morning.

When I arrived the consultant was very friendly and polite but other than that it was a terrible appointment (he was a locus brought in to help with the waiting lists, hence a Sat appointment). He didn’t have my notes when I arrived, asked me a couple of very brief questions and tried to find the initial referral which he scanned at the most. Then performed he most basic of neurological tests which involved checking my knee and elbow reflexes and asked me to raise my legs and touch my nose with my eyes closed. That was it!!!

he then proceeded to fill in an MRI request form, to which I explained that I’d already had one which he should have access to. (I even had to explain how he’d have access to it - I work in Informatics for the NHS so was able to explain how to access my result)

He briefly scanned the report (I was already aware of the result) and stated that I don’t have any lesions which is obviously fantastic news and whilst I have spinal changes it apparently would be impossible for those changes to cause my symptoms. I questioned whether it was possible that the narrowing of the spinal canal (each region of my back) could possibly be causing compression on the nerves resulting in my symptoms but he said it was ‘impossible’!

He then went onto say that I should go back to the doctor to explore possible chronic fatigue syndrome or Fibromyalgia as there is no neurological basis for my symptoms.

I asked him to submit a territory referral to the specialist in question which is the correct process. He advised he couldn’t as he has no knowledge of the criteria for such specialities and the next step is back to the GP.

I explained that the meds I’m on are helping and if there is no neurological basis for my symptoms should I be taking meds for neuropathic pain, again I was advised to discuss with my GP.

Whilst I’m really over the moon that MS has been ruled out I’m pretty alarmed by the shocking level of patient care - I was in the appointment for 10 minutes in total and as pleasant as he was he was completely lacking any sense of ‘care’. He questioned what concerns me the most and I explained it’s when I’m losing sensation in my arms and legs - pretty scary!

To end on a more positive I just wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words and advise you’ve offered whilst I’ve been on this journey, I’m still looking for an explanation to best treat my symptoms going forward but I’m really happy to hear that the symptoms aren’t a result of MS - despite my rant above!!

Thanks all


Hi Lisa

I’m happy for you that you’ve not got MS. That’s one thing to cross off the list.

I hope you get somewhere with finding out what’s causing your symptoms.

Thanks for letting us know.