Seeing my Neuro on Wednesday!

I have an appointment with my consultant this Wednesday coming. I think he might be giving me my diagnosis as my doctor gave me a copy of the letter he sent her. This was after my LP and it basically said that it was positive and "obviously this is in keeping with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis".

First of all I am writing a list of all my new long lasting symptoms for him to see and also timelines. Anything else I need to ask him when I see him. I am terrified that he is not going to give me a diagnosis. I was so sure when I first saw the letter and so is my GP but now getting scared.

I don't want to get home and think of things so please tell me what I should ask xxx

What to ask is really personal, but I reckon there are three key questions:

- I am not coping with some of my symptoms. Please can you prescribe something / refer me to someone to help me, or recommend something for my GP to act on in your letter to him/her?

- If I have RRMS, can you prescribe DMDs/DMTs? (If he says no, ask why. If he says he can't actually prescribe them at all (not all neuros can!), ask for a referral to someone who can, assuming it's RRMS you have. Even if you aren't eligible now, you may be at a later stage and it'll make life much easier if you're with someone who can prescribe.)

- What are the name, phone number and email address of my MS nurse?


Good luck! Let us know how it goes?

Karen x


Thank you both for your replies. I have been having nightmares about it  blush

Basically my doctor said he is more than likely going to give me a diagnosis so I told my friends and family as I was sure too. Now im getting worried that he isn't. I don't care, I know it is MS so if he doesn't im not telling anyone (unless he has another diagnosis).

I just want help and meds for things that are wrong. I also want an MS nurse to ring if I need to. I have so many problems that I need to talk to someone about that are linked to this.