Neuro today !

Well the neuro today said i do not have ms as there are no lesions on my mri .I asked about other tests and he said he did not think that was necessary !

He asked if i had any new symptoms then barely listened to me .He doesnt even no im now on amitriptyline,or that i have fallen over !

He wants to do another mri in 12 weeks and has gave me lyrica ? to take and email him in 3 weeks to let him no how im getting on .

I have come away feeling s****y :frowning:

Sam x

Oh, sorry you feel that. I don’t think some of them really care about your symptoms etc just what the tests say. It’s really good you’ve been offered another MRI though - 12 weeks isn’t long, when was the first one?

Taking the pi** or what, ask if they do 2ns scan with enhancing stuff. Have they done LP. bet yr gutted. Take it easy thinking of you Mike x

Hi Sam, it is actually a very positive visit. Many people get completely dismissed by the neuro and have to start all over again going back to GP etc, but he wants to do another MRI in 12 weeks! And he wants you to email him in 3 weeks to say how you’re doing!

That shows that he is taking your symptoms seriously… in fact it is very good.

Don’t be downhearted but see it as the positive response from the neuro that you have had.

Pat x

Are your reflexes normal as well? Can you feel the vibrating prong etc? This is why I’m dismissed as non-organic. I’m going to ask GP for another scan cos mine (which was clear) was done back in early December in the first few weeks of illness without contrast. Neurologist doesn’t seem to think this matters though. I haven’t had an LP. Tricky isn’t it!

Hi, Don’t be too downhearted. He is doing a follow up MRI to contrast the 2 scans which means he is looking for new activity. I had this but after 6 months. It showed new lesions and led to a dx. Chis x

Hi Sam x I agree with the others - that’s a positive outcome in the circumstances xxx chin up & soldier on - you’ll get there xxxxjenxxxx

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I’m feeling abit better now just had a nice bath ( but I’m sure I’ll pay for it later lol) He didn’t use a vibrating prong . Hyper reflexes one side apparently . Had MRI a few weeks ago so by the time I have another it will ve6 months between so not that long . Haven’t heard of Lyrica ( before though ! ) maybe it will help , let’s hope . I suppose I just thought he would of done more tests as I’ve only had an MRI and feel so rotten at the moment . I don’t really know what I was expecting really . I do wonder though if it would be worth a second opinion ( privately ) but not sure really it would be worth it Sam x

Hi Sam

Sorry you have come away from your visit feeling…I will say the word down, so it dosent get blanked!

I know sometimes it seems as if they arent listening, but like others have said, he hasnt totally dismissed you and wants to see you again and do another mri. So it does show he is trying to do something.

Please hang in there. Like what many people have said on this site, if there something there, it will eventually show up.

Know that doesnt help in the meantime with ‘limboland’ but this site and people will always be here to offer what support they can in the meantime.

Teri x

Meant to put (Pregabalin) in brackets it whatever came up lol

Hi Sam - I wouldn’t waste your money going private yet. Because you are already going to have a second MRI . That is probably what private would do - why pay?? I got diagnosed from a second MRI. Stay patient I know easier said and done when you want answers NOW. Thinking of you and stay strong Min xx

Thanks :slight_smile:

hey Hun… sorry to hear you are feelinga bit deflated after neuro. it’s good he is keeping you on and repeating the MRI not sure about Lyrica…is that pregabalin? if so itsa neuropathic pain killer…I have this at night and it’s quite good…worth a try Hun…and you’ll soon k know if it helps with your type of pain…it can cause balance probs and I have found it doesn’t suit me during the day as I already have vertigo…lol it can make you feel a bit spaced out and slow but usually these side affects do go away…I take 75mg at night or 100 but that’s not suing me re side affects. hang in there bun… x

Yes lyrica is pregabalin .I fell over again yesterday due to my balance so not sure about taking the new med now ,just waiting for doctor to ring .

Sam x

I agree with the others in that it’s great that he’s keeping you on - and helping you with meds. Pregabalin can cause dizziness and other side effects in the beginning, but it’s a very effective neuropathic painkiller. Of course it doesn’t work for everyone (nothing does!), but it’s been brilliant for me and I’d recommend trying it.

Karen x

Keep possitive, I am still waiting for a letter to go nuro of which I know it will be a struggle to push for anything, Al I want is to know what going on ha ha, I hate waiting, but be happy, keep smiling!

Hugs Sam.

It is so frustrating. I’ve had mixed messages from my neuro. ? episode of spinal inflammation (MRI showed non-specific sub-cortical lesions).

My neuro told me to he might consider a LP or EVP. Then he said it was all fine and I just needed to get on with it at the next review and when I asked about LP and EVP he said no that won’t help.

I had hug and ?TN type symptoms and saw him again after he repeated my MRI which was stable. He said all stable just get on with it after asking me if I was nervous.

I now have a review in ayear with a plan to possibly repeat MRI with him.

On one hand he’s taking me serious as he isn’t discharging me and repeating MRI’s but on the other he’s told me to ignore and get on and then asked if I’m nervous. He also hasn’t explained why no LP/EVP and I have no help with symptoms.

I’m due for a second opinion middle of august now because I was sick of getting no explanation or help.

Your consultation sounds somewhere in the middle. Your neuro believes somethings wrong - they wouldn’t waste money on an MRI otherwise and is helping you with the symptoms so I would maybe stick it out.

Its certainly not easy though. Really feel for you - I know the feeling of not being listened to.