MRI results tomorrow ...

Well I’m off to see the neuro tomorrow to get the results from the MRI.

At the time of the scan I was given a CD of the images which I assume I should give to the neuro?

I’ve done the silly thing and looked at the images. Several times … I’ve driven myself a little bit mad to be honest :-/ I’ve gone full circle … one minute I’m thinking the worst but the feeling at the moment is that I’ve wasted everyone’s time and that everything that’s been going on can be explained by other things. I just don’t know.

Wish me luck!


It is such a stressful time. I am hoping to get the results of my MRI through the post tomorrow too but I know I will not understand a word of it :slight_smile: I am seeing my neurologist on 20th June to discuss the result. And I feel like you, one minute I am convinced I have ms and the next I think I am imagining things. Good luck!!!

Hi Wobbly

I doubt that you’ve done too much damage to your psyche by looking at the images, after all you’d be vacillating between ‘I’ve got MS’ and ‘I haven’t got MS’ anyway!

Hopefully, your neurologist will be telling you tomorrow that it’s not MS. And in addition, that there’s some reasonable answer to your symptoms.

But, just in case, know that we’re all here for you regardless of your neurologist.


Thanks Guzlover, good luck to you too!

Hi Sue, you’re probably right. I have spent quite a lot of time looking at the images - they’re so detailed and fascinating.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Good luck with your appointment did you have to wait long for it, I had my mri last Tuesday but have no idea how long it will take to get the results

Hi, I have waited three weeks since having my MRI. My neurologist said it would be two to three weeks before I got result. Hopefully it will be in the post today :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile: I had my MRI on 19 May and results appointment today which was pretty quick, it was private though which may well have helped speed things up x

Please let us know how you got on. I have still not got my result by post but will see neurologist on 20th… it is so hard to be patient :slight_smile:

It’s horrendous isn’t it? I put another post on earlier on following my appointment. I’m more confused now than I was before, but it does seem more positive than I had been thinking. I think?!?!

I’m sorry I have only just saw your earlier post. You must be so confused now. All we want is to know what is causing our problems but it takes so long. I am dreading getting a similar meeting with my neurologist, it will feel like going back to square one again :frowning: My symptoms started in the beginning of March and I still have them. I have am having an evoked potential eye test on Wednesday too.

Hi :slight_smile:

Yep, totally confused!! I feel pretty fed up today to be honest. I’ve had unexplained, albeit minor, symptoms for the last eighteen months but I’m really scared as it (whatever IT is) seems to having a go at my vision and that’s really frightening. In January I had muscle failure in my right eye causing double vision and now optic neuritis in my left eye which is thankfully getting much better but still a bit odd under brighter lights.

Good luck with the evoked potential test, and for your neuro appointment.

Thank you. I can imagine how you are feeling, and I was just telling my husband about you. He said he would not be happy with what the neuro said to you about the lesions after you had paid for the MRI. He should be more specific. If it was me I think I would ask my GP to refer me to another neuro and get another MRI done on the nhs. You need answers. Something is causing your symptoms. Good luck.