I have my MRI tomorrow morning

Well, tomorrow is the day I have my MRI. It was originally scheduled for Monday evening, but they rang yesterday to tell me that it had been bumped up to Friday at 8 AM.

The neurologist is pretty sure that it will be clear, and I’m guessing he’s right. This silly second-guessing myself drives me crazy sometimes.

Oh, well – after tomorrow, I’ll know. Here’s hoping it goes how it’s meant to go.

Good luck tomorrow it’s one step closer to hopefully sorting things out for you. I think a lot of us drive ourselves crazy, my MRI results came back on Tuesday after 3 days. I have a disc with them on but can’t read it and no one has contacted me. Limboland seems get harder the further along the road you get. Sending hugs and positive thoughts for tomorrow Xx

Hi Heather

I really hope your MRI goes well, but please dont think you will get your results immediately, as I am pretty sure you wont. I believe that once they are done, they then go to a consultant who will read the images and make a report that goes to your neurologist. Mine took about ten days to a fortnight to get results. Mine was clear too, and I am now having other tests (VEP, lots of blood tests, spinal MRI, and maybe a lumbar puncture). So dont be too downhearted if you do get a clear MRI, as it may be that your neuro will go on to do other tests to try to diagnose you. Being in limbo is horrible, and all we want is to know what is wrong with us, so I (and others here) completely understand how you feel.


Paula xx

(((hugs)) hope it goes well.


good luck.X

Good luck!


Good Luck !!

Another good luck!

Easy peasy. It only lasted about 35 minutes. It was very noisy, but I had earplugs and they played music. People have always told me that MRI machines make you feel squished in, but I never truly understood that until today. I couldn’t even move my arms without hitting the wall of the machine. Luckily, I’m not claustraphobic.

After it was over, the technician asked me if it was my first time having an MRI. I told him yes, and he said “Oh… normally it’s only the seasoned ones that nearly fall asleep in the machine”. Hahaha! My excuse? I had to get up at 6am to get to that appointment, so I was just catching up on lost sleep!

Im glad you found it ok

Sam x