MRI later this afternoon

Just had to get it off my chest - MRI should have been at 15:30 this afternoon but they called this morning and shifted it back to 16:30.

Why am I so nervous?! I’m not claustrophibic, I know it’s painless, but my stomach is churning and I can’t concentrate on ANYTHING.

It’s just head, no spine and no contrast, so it should be quick. Just want it to be over now! I KNOW it will be fine, I’m just nervous as hell and I’m not even really sure why…

Sorry for the whinge!

PG xx

Good luck. I have mine on saturday and am very nervous as i’'m claustrophobic. Mine is head and spine, no contrast xx

I had my first MRI last Thursday and felt exactly the same. It was not a problem for me and I am seriously claustrophobic. Think nice thoughts and try to drift off - I imagined I was on a beach! Hope it goes ok. Susie

I too had my mri last thursday!!! I had whole spine!! Nothing to worry about… Hope all goes well… Vickie x

Hi all

Thank you for your messages. When I got to the hospital, they had moved me to the private wing and I was in the Bupa scanner. Probably the last time I’ll see the private side of a hospital, but it was nice in there nonetheless!

The scan itself was about 45 minutes and although I didn’t exactly love it, it was fine. It’s hard to stay still for so long! My feet kept twitching!!

Long story short, my ophthalmologist was the one who referred me for the MRI and he’s from a different hospital to my neuro. As a result, the Ophtho will get my results, not my neuro. I have a follow up with my neuro next Monday, but it’s unlikely he will have the results by then, according to the technician yesterday. Will call his secretary today and see what she thinks I should do. I am loathe to cancel next week’s appointment as I have no idea when I’ll be able to get another one. But if he can’t tell me anything, then it’s pointless.

The technician said that the images will be available by next Monday, but not the radiologist’s report. So if my neuro can interpret the MRI images, then it’s worth me going, if not, I should wait for the report.

Confusing times! xx