MRI today nervous!

So today is my first MRI, I know this is a painless test but I’m really claustrophobic so I’m terrified! Did anyone else feel like this or has anyone got any advice on how to remain calm? I know I must sound dramatic it’s just my anxiety is so bad! I know I have to have one to get any answers but I’m a nervous wreck, before the optic nerve swelling and all these symptoms I’d never been to hospital so I’m new to all these tests and appointments. Sorry for the rant! I’m finding this site so helpful, it’s the only thing keeping me sane at the moment x

Hi Ashlie,

There are many people who are claustrophobic in an MRI and the operatives are well aware and will give all the help they can.

One thing I will advise take a CD of your favourite music with you as this will reduce any noise. They have the facility for you to listen.

Don’t forget purchase a copy of your MRI; cost about £10 always handy for comparison with later ones and they have been known to lose theirs.

Don’t worry everything will be fine.


hi ashlie

​as a last resort you can ask your gp for something to help eg valium

carole x

Hi Ashlie, I am sorry I have only just logged on here. I had one myself last Friday. And yes I am a bit claustrophobic too. I just kept my eyes closed the whole time and listened to the radio. But was so relieved when it was over. I hope you got on ok, please let us know.