Uncomfortable in mri ????

Hi everyone, I am due to have a mri monday on my brain. I have rrms, I really do not like mri especially when they put the head brace on, also don’t know if I will have to wear a mask. I just don’t like being shut in, also have a fear of getting stuck in the machine, I know it might sound silly. Anyone got any advise on how to feel more at ease in a mri ??? Thanks in advance for any help.

I didn’t have to wear a mask in the machine. Some masks have metal in them (nose clips etc) so I think they make sure you don’t wear one. They clean the machines after use anyway. That should hopefully reassure you a bit.

Take a cd of your favourite music, or a memory stick with it on. And say to them you have it with you. There are usually headphones available to let you listen to music.

The mirror that lets you see out can help reduce the feeling of claustrophobia. Or maybe you prefer to close your eyes and try to think of something relaxing, like the sea, or your pet, if you have one.

For kids, they’ll put on a dvd. Perhaps you can be a big kid!

I think it was Green Giant on here who looked up the different sounds the mri makes, and what it is doing, so he found that a good way to divert his mind, as he listened to them! That may be an acquired taste - requires a bit of nerdiness and preparation!

Hope the technician is friendly. That also helps.

Good luck.

Are you able to get a mild tranquilizer from your doctor beforehand? My son had to do that for his, because he completely freaked out the first time and had to be removed.

I can’t offer any other advice, because they don’t bother me. I usually wind up falling asleep in the tube, to the point that they have to shake me to wake up.

ask for a foam wedge to place under your knees to stop your legs from cramping.

I’ve had two Mri scans since Covid and was supplied face masks that do not have the metal in when i I checked in.

Listen to heavy metal in your head!

Just don’t try moving to the beat or head banging. Get told off for that sad

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I’m the same as you, I get a panic attack if it’s a situation I can’t get out of.

I went to my Dr and got some diazepam which really helped. Was so long ago no music to listen to. I was a motorcyclist so imagined myself riding the TT races on the Isle of Man :slight_smile:

A rug to keep you warm and a wedge under your legs. You also have a panic button to press, a microphone and a mirror to see. Mind I kept my eyes tight shut.

Hope it goes Ok, let us know. People don’t have MRIs very often so any advice is helpful.


I’ve had about 7-8 MRIs. I’ve dropped off a few times. My best advice is to shut your eyes before you go insnd don’t open them until you come out. Just shut your eyes and concentrate on your breathing and think of something else. I usually try to recall all the films by Alfred Hitchcock or something similar. It really is very very easy so there is nothing to worry about. Nothing will go wrong. You won’t get stuck.

That is exactly what I do. Once I’m up on the bench, I shut my eyes and keep them firmly shut until it’s all over.


some Metallica tracks were inspired by the racket made by an MRI scanner! devil

I recognise how you feel about MRI, I am no fan of enclosed spaces. One of my dreads is feeling like I want a violent sneeze.

Fortunately I have a vivid imagination so I can take myself off (in my head) scuba diving with Mr Cousteau or racing a motorcycle in the Isle of Man TT, skiing with Franz Klammer or soaring over the woods like a Buzzard. Failing that I do some very deep breathing and try to shut down like sleep. Once I have tried a few of these the scan is nearly finished. I am not making light of these circumstances and I do know that some people benefit from taking a sedative. Whatever works for you I hope that your scan is not too stressful. Good luck


I have fallen asleep in the MRI before now… usually I amuse myself by humming songs to the rhythm of the clanks. And debating whether my eyes should be open or shut - shut the whole time usually does the job, but that’s what leads me to fall asleep. Hint, just make sure you’re not wearing an underwired bra (if such a thing is applicable). Amazing what does have metal in it! (zips on jeans etc, specs, jewellery) They’ll check you out before you go in, and will give you a hand-held bulb gadget to squeeze if you feel like you can’t take it any longer and you want out. Good luck!

Wow. Did not know that. Maybe thats why I don’t seem to mind the clang, clang, bzzzt, bzzt sounds :smiley:

Wear warm socks, for some reason I always get chilly feet! And accept knee wedge and blanket if offered. Try and remind yourself that it is only your head in the machine. Hospitals seem to vary a little re. masks - mine give me a mask without the metal nose bridge bit and ask me to wear it, but some people are told they need not. Hope all goes well for you,


Before my last MRI I found a recording of the sounds on the internet and played them to my son to show him what I would be listening too.

His comment. “Oh, its a bit like the white noise they use in SAS training so if you can get through it then your part way to joining the SAS”.

When I was lying in the scanner listening to the noises I had to stop myself from laughing.


Who dares, wins

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Hi, Thankyou everyone for your lovely advise and help. I got through it, was very wary at the beginning, but had 2 lovely ladies reassuring me. Thanks everyone, such a nice forum to be able to support each other x x


Great result. Glad it was not too bad for you.


Hello. Sorry I’ve just read your post. How did you get on at scan?