Hello, I’m hoping someone might be able to help! I’ve just had my appointment through for an MRI, I hate them at the best of times but the letter stated that I need to have a cloth face mask. Can anyone tell me if I have to wear it actually during the scan? I have one and have tried it on but it made me feel very anxious and quite claustrophobic! Thanks in advance Jen x

Hi Jen

As you know you go in that tube and it is claustrophobic inside so a mask is not going to make it much worse.

Pretty lucky you are having one at these weird times


Hey Jen,

I would think that you don’t have to wear your face mask inside the MRI as you are all alone in there and can’t breath or cough, not that you would on anyone. So I expect it will just be in the waiting room. Is there a telephone number on your appointment letter you could phone to confirm? I am thinking that they could have made it clearer on the letter.

Good luck

Min xx


My first MRI I asked my Dr for some sedation as don’t like beng in situations I can’t get out of.

Given diazepam, worked a treat.

Hope it goes OK.


I did the same Jen, worked for me…

When you are worried phone and ask them at the MRI, they will be happy to put your mind at ease.

Keep safe guys, M x


Like goldrat said get diazepam or lorazepam prescribed for before it and that should chill you out/even let you fall asleep!?!

Thank you for all the replies, unfortunately I’m not going to be able to have any sedatives as I have to drive! Jen x

when I had my last MRI scan when I looked in the mirror above my head I could see the staff in their office - I found this strangely reassuring -

(I don’t know if the positioning of the mirrors was done on purpose.)

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One of my friends has just had an MRI and the staff were great and he was allowed to take his mask off while in the scanner.

I’ve now had my scan and I’m pleased to say that I didn’t have to wear my mask in the scanner! Such a relief! Xx

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