MRI Claustrophobia

Hi Everyone,

I have an MRI coming up and I’m nervous about it very nervous about it as I can be very claustrophobic. How do you guys deal with MRI claustrophobia?


Hi Kali, it gets easier the more you do it. I dislike being enclosed and don’t enjoy the noise. I try to manage by shutting my eyes and disappearing into my memories and imagination. So in my head I am either snorkelling somewhere warm or skiing somewhere cold or riding a motorcycle very fast. I feel sure that you have your own imagination or memories which can help to distract your concerns. I really hope it is ok for you.

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I do the same as Mick, just close my eyes and pretend I’m anywhere else. Your doctors should also be able to prescribe a one-time tranquilizer for you to take ahead of time. My son is extremely large and has to be medicated before he gets his.

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Hi, I have to close my eyes before I go in. If the temptation to open them once inside starts to take hold, I tell myself that if you open them and panic then that’s an MRI wasted. Not saying this will work for you and others but so far so good. I guess the test will be if I have to have a longer MRI next time. I have been told that you can listen to music, not sure how that works but might be worth checking out :blush:

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In the US, all of my MRI’s have involved wearing headphones and listening to my choice of music. I have mixed feelings about it. Yes, it gives you something to focus on, but it doesn’t drown out the bangs and clangs of the machine, and it also makes it difficult to hear the technicians when they speak to you.

I can hear the bangs and clangs as I type… I guess there is no easy solution. Like you say visualisation may be the key.

Hello Kallie - I’ve always avoided enclosed spaces. Without saying I’ve alway kept an eye day and night to make sure room doors are open and not closed. I dreaded my MRI yesterday but when I got there I couldnt wait to get it started and let it finish. My daughter had had two MRI’s and was keeping an eye on me having mine. I found that while the radio did actually keep me in touch - even though it didnt cut out the banging. I enjoed the songs and listened for time announcements which reassured me it was progressing. I could also see through to a room where others were sitting and working - and moving. I wasnt cut out of the world - I was in the middle of it. The second half definitely passed quicker than the first. Good luck with it.

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Thank you

Yes, Kaly - I was diagnosed a month and a couple of days ago. Big big shock that didn’t make sense. I mean I’m not taking it in properly. I’m just keeping on being me as if there was no change. Obviously I need to think and plan - and make changes - fear is a big theme too. I am I touch with s local group - did a yoga session - was great to meet and mix - even over zoom. My first symptoms were not walking properly - I’ve run for years - I thought my orthotics needed renewing - wasn’t striking through properly. I broke my ankle off my bike in the middle of it all - didn’t know what was what until GP did a reflex test - then quickly an MRI and lumbar puncture. I had PPMS.

This site has been . Information, support, just knowing your not alone no matter what - it all helps - a lot. Hope you’re finding positives and feeling good in yourself. There’s moral support here!

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Hi Kali, I’ve had two MRIs one of them was 2 days ago. It is a very frightening thought but I always try to think of something that takes my off of it. For me I think about my baby or I think about the other people in the room and wonder what their lives are like strangely.

Everything will be okay.

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Thank you everyone for your responses I had my MRI last night in the middle of the night and it went very well. The 2 mg of Ativan helped a lot lol. But I managed to get through it OK. Now I’m just waiting for results.

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Well done, you survived. I hope the results come through sooner than later.

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