MRI tomorrow

Well at 9am tomorrow I will be having my brain and spine MRI with contrast . Soooooo nervous but I guess it will be answers (I hope). Please send me luck and positive faults to stop me running haha.

Hi You will be absolutely fine! Make sure to tell the radiographer that your nervous and they can talk to you in the machine. Try and use it as a chance to relax, I close my eyes and tell myself I’m lying by the sea sunbathing! It does help relax me. Like you say it will hopefully provide you with some answers so will be worth it in the end. Take care, Lx

Sorry brain not working *thoughts not faults haha

Thank you. I’m taking my mum with me as I’m a wimp, but I’m going to try and be brave haha. X

Sending you {hugs} and courage for tomorrow :slight_smile: Personally, can’t wait for my turn. My curiosity is winning!

Good luck try and have a little sleep :wink: Axx

you shouldn’t worry about the procedure itself since it’s absloutley painless, you just need to lie down and if anything bothers you, you get a bell-thingy that calls the radiologists and you can talk with them during that.

I was personally more worried about the dye injection but I didn’t feel a thing and it didn’t affect me at all. They say it’s a natural solution and it leaves your system within 24 hours

good luck!

Hi guys I did it! With a few tears to start and a lot of anxiety, it took about an hour. But I’m pleased and so relived, now to wait for the results. Banging headache now and snuggled under duvet as didn’t really sleep last night. Thanks for the support xx

Well done! Hope the results give you some answers, enjoy your snuggle :slight_smile: Lx

Well done you :slight_smile: Here’s hoping you get your results soon x

Well done , big glass of wine deserved Take care xx Gray