Hospital admmiton tomorrow

Hi everyone, Spoke to nuorologist today and I’ve to get admitted to hospital tomorrow to get an MRI in the next couple of days. I’m terrified , I feel so sick and scared that there going to be something termanily wrong with me!! Im scared that I can’t cope with the results, my husband is offshore so I’m gonna be on my own. How do u stay calm? How do u stop urself thinking the worst? Xxx

Try not to worry love - I know that’s easier said than done. Have you got a family member or friend who could come and lend some support?. I’m sure that would help! Hopefully they won’t find anything too serious to worry about and you will get some much needed help! Try to take things an hour at a time and keep busy. You will get through this. Keep us posted. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hello Lisa, As Teresa has said try not to worry. Having a MRI can show up something or nothing, at least your neuro is being thorough which is a good thing. Keep yourself busy, take plenty of crossword books with you to help pass the time or better still a really good book. Try not to think what it might be but what it might not be. Do let us know how you get on, will be thinking of you. Janet x