Scared about tomorrow.

I have an appointment with the neuro tomorrow to tell him of some new symptoms I have. I’m terrified of him sending me for another MRI, I’m scared of the MRI itself but also getting a diagnosis. I’m not gonna take a list in tomorrow but some pointers of symptoms I want to talk about. When I think about it now it even makes me feel panicy. If I did get offered another MRI it wouldn’t be immediately would it? Maybe a few weeks at least or something?

There’s almost always a wait for MRI. More than enough time to get a sedative from your GP so it’s no problem for you. Do write down your symptoms otherwise you are bound to forget something! It’s Sod’s law :frowning: Karen x

Mri’s are not something to be scared of. I know they are a bit clostrophobic and noisy but just remember you are safe in good hands and they don’t hurt EEG’s are the one I don’t like. And as for getting a DX I promise not knowing is million times worse. Once you know you can start coming to terms with it. As the say the enemy you know is better than the one you don’t. James

Hi Good luck…and I agree with James…whilst I’d rather not have any illness, it was almost a relief…not necessarily to have a label…but just to know that there was something wrong and that I wasn’t imagining it !! Xx

Try not to worry, it is good to take your top 5 new symptoms just so you dont miss one.

I was lucky and got another MRI within 2 weeks but if he says you need one then normaly 4-6 weeks wait.

I agree with what everone has said, I have my MRI tommorrow and I have had 3 preiously now. I get costaphobic but I just close my eyes and go to a happy place, it is very lous but ive worked it out its like being in a printer, then an old dial up modem then pack man, it really isnt bad and they give you something to hold that if you get worried then you can squeeze it and it realeses you and shut the machine off so really nothing to worry about. I promise.

Good luck and its always better to know then not know.